Evoke a different country with your home decor I'm bent over painting my canvas


Last week I was invited to a bloggers event hosted by The Skirting Board Shop. There was a lovely prosecco brunch put on and we were given a canvas each with oil paints and crafty materials to create what we wanted.


Evoke a different country with your home decor Me standing next to my canvas where I have painted various flowers in greens and yellows. I have also put on pinks decorations


I’m not the artiest so I didn’t exactly create a masterpiece but I really enjoyed the event and it was nice to meet other bloggers. The idea behind the event was that we can evoke different countries within our home with various colours, patterns and materials.


Evoke a different country with your home decor My artwork with painted orange Skirting board


The skirting board shop offer 200 colours in the collections so you don’t have to stick with the usual white gloss! The Skirting Board Shop make the skirting boards to order and deliver for free as well as offering a price match guarantee so you can be sure you are getting the best quality for the best price.



When I think of decorating for an English countryside room, I think of floral fabrics, traditional English furniture, white and pastel colours. I would accessorise with roses or other traditional English garden flowers.



When I think of somewhere like India, I would have dark wooden carved furniture and decorative lighting.  I would use rich vibrant colours with accessories of gold and glittering accents. I bought the most beautiful bed cover when I was in India which is a tapestry of reds, orange and purples. It has gold thread and sequins throughout.



For Greece, I would keep it very simplistic with cobbled wall features (there are some great wallpapers around), white and blue. This is one I wouldn’t try until Lucas is older as I don’t think it would be kept white or minimalistic for long with Lucas around!



For Spanish themed, I would use earthy tones, dark woods, white and sand coloured decor.



If I was going for Japan, I would go for short legged tables, bamboo screens, floor cushions and cherry blossom and bonsai trees for accessories.



For a beach feel, I would go for white walls with pops of blue with bleached furniture and accessories such as shells, ship inspired lighting and nautical motifs.

How do you bring a feeling of a loved place into your home? Would love some ideas x


Evoke a different country with your home decor #SBSHomeEscapes



15 Comments on Evoke a different country with your home decor

  1. Reading this, sitting in France where I live and thinking of the UK, where I was brought up, I am now wondering what country our house best evokes and I think it is a mix of the UK and other countries we have both visited … in other words a bit if a mix!

  2. Sounds like a fun event – we need our skirting boards replaced and love the idea of painting them different colours

  3. The event sounds great and I love the idea behind it. We don’t have skirting boards in our current home but will be buying a house next year which might have them. I hadn’t thought of injecting some colour into rooms via them!

  4. Ooh we’re about to paint some skirting boards and hadn’t even thought about painting it any colour other than white gloss so you’ve opened up a whole new train of thought for me… Now, do I be brave? Or play safe?

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