I’m always looking for ways to use more natural products and be eco friendly for both my health and for the environment. One of the products I’ve been recently trying is Nuud deodorant.


Nuud deodorant in cardboard box packaging

What is nuud deodorant?

Nuud is an anti-odorant that they claim it lasts an impressive 3-7 days with only one application. Sports, being active or showering should have no effect on nuud’s effectiveness.

How is nuud different you other deodorants?

Nuud is not a deodorant, but apreodorant – a regular deodorant disguises the odour of perspiration, whereas nuud prevents this smell altogether. With nuud, smell does not stand a chance, because the bacteria, responsible for the smell, are inhibited naturally. In an antiperspirant the active component (aluminium) closes off the pores, and in combination with fragrances, the smell is masked, instead of prevented.


The nuud cardboard packaging open showing the pink tube inside

What’s in nuud?

It contains only 10 ingredients. The most important one is micro silver, which naturally prevents the smell of perspiration, without blocking the pores or irritating the skin. In addition, they use certified, natural ingredients such as coconut oil, carnauba palm wax and almond oil, to keep the micro silver in place.

How is nuud better for the environment?

Nuud is far more concentrated than a regular deodorant; you need about fifteen times less. Which means that fifteen times less of it needs to be produced, fifteen times less of it needs to be transported and fifteen times less packaging material will be thrown away. Therefore, nuud has a less of an impact on the environment. Did you know, for instance, that about 8 billion bottles of deodorant end up in the bin per year, in Europe and USA alone?

The packaging is made of sugar cane. Most of the world’s plastic is derived from petroleum. All of this plastic adds to the large footprint the petroleum industry burdens the climate and environment with. Plastic can also be made from sugar cane. Thanks to sugarcane’s high density, only a small area of farmland is required to grow it. In addition, the water and fertiliser needed for growing are natural; just the rainwater and waste material of the sugarcane production itself. The resulting impact on the ecosystem is minimal. For each kg of sugarcane produced, 4kg of CO2 is absorbed. The annual production of 200.000 tons of sugarcane absorbs the annual emissions of almost one million cars!

They also ensure that their production methods suck up the same or more CO2 emitted by their transportation. Nuud is shipped CO2 neutral (certified), so its footprint is a lovely round zero.

How do you use nuud?

Nuud is a cream consistency and is squeezed from the tube. You only need to use a pea sized amount under each arm and you rub it in using your fingers. Despite only needing such a small amount, it is said that you don’t need to apply each day. To start off with, it is recommended that you start using every other day and then work out how often you need to apply. Some people use every 3 days, some people manage 7 days before reapplying.


The pink nuud tube outside on a fence with countryside in the background

Does it really work?

Nuud say that there will be a detox period as your body is so used to the perfumes, salts and chemicals in the regular deodorants. With this in mind, I gave nuud a proper trial and I would say I only think it started working after 5-6 weeks. I apply every 2 days and shower daily. I would say that even with showering, I can smell a mustiness after 1 day. I must say its not overwhelming and its probably not anything someone next to me can smell but I can smell it, although I am sniffing under my arms to check! I’m not sure about it to be honest and I won’t be continuing to use it long term. I’ll be looking for another natural alternative. However, Marie at Tummy2Mummy tried out nuud and really liked it, check out her review here


If you would like to try it for yourself, I have a 15ml tube for one of you to try, that’s enough to last about 6 weeks. Enter using the app below


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Nuud deodorant review. Lasts 3-7 days with only one application. Sports, being active or showering have no effect on nuud's effectiveness.


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  1. Interesting review, I would quite like to try it but not sure I’m prepared to pay for a product that may not work

  2. Oooh I’ve not heard about this product before! It sounds interesting and something I would like to try.

  3. Oooh I’ve not heard of this product before. Sounds interesting. Something thing I would like to try.

  4. Looks great – I can’t use deodorant or antiperspirant that contains aluminium, so I’m always keen to try a new, more natural and less chemical-filled product!

  5. I like the idea that Nuud is far more concentrated than a regular deodorant thereby helping the environment.

  6. I’ve never heard of this before but am intrigued, it sounds like a really good idea. I was very impressed to read that you’d given it such a long trial, six weeks sounds like a real effort. If I see this for sale somewhere I might give it a go too.

  7. this sounds interesting I use pit putty which you apply daily it all natural and a bit like a balm and comes in a tin and is better for the environment and eco friendly but i am always interested to look for other products to try

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  9. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, I haven’t had a natural deoderant that works for me so far but have heard great things about Nuud!

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  12. Ooh I love this honest review. I think I’d be willing to use it for the 6 weeks while my body adjusted to it.

  13. I’d certainly love to try this. Looks like something I may get on better with than deodorants I’ve tried before

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