More people are being eco conscious with their lifestyles and purchasing eco friendly gifts and zero waste gifts for people is a fab way to encourage these choices and introduce others to new products.


Paperless post Christmas card eco friendly cards

If you still love sending Christmas cards and invitations but are conscious of he impact it is having on the environment, Paperless Post is the answer. Paperless Post has partnered with several world-famous designers and lifestyle brands, including Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date.

Sprout Pencils – Mindful Thoughts Edition

After use, this gift turns into a future gift! Plant them and watch them sprout into whatever seed is listed at the top of the pencil! They are lead free and non-toxic, biodegradable, made from sustainably sourced materials and using sustainable production techniques. They are PEFC or FSC certified wood. This means that every time a tree is harvested, another one is planted.

These reusable veg bags are great accompaniment for every trip to the supermarket. They’re strong enough to accommodate weighty fruit & veg because they’re engineered from recycled plastic bottles into a durable woven mesh material.

Set of 2 Coconut Bowls and Coconut Spoons

Spice up your kitchen utensils with these beautiful lightweight, handmade coconut shell serving bowls and spoons! 100% Natural Bio-degradable, sustainable, compostable, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly handmade from real coconut shells, supplying jobs and reducing waste one bowl at a time.
Reusable bamboo cup

Cut back on disposable cup waste with this adorable bamboo travel mug! 10% of profits will go directly to their charity partners The Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading marine charity, for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife

hunnie bees wax wrap

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are an affordable & easy replacement for many house-hold plastic items such as cling-film or sandwich bags. Hunnie wraps are made with contemporary designs, breathable cotton, local beeswax and antibacterial jojoba oil. They donate 5% of their profits to local re-wilding projects, and community beekeeping schemes.

The Fine Bedding Company Eco Duvet

They have revolutionised the bedding industry by introducing the first ever duvet to be made using 100% renewable energy, in their award-winning Eco Factory! They transform plastic waste – that would otherwise end up in a landfill – into a luxuriously soft, light and fluffy fibre filling. The cover is made from 100% recycled materials, but you’d never guess it is incredibly soft to the touch as well as being hypoallergenic. The packaging is also made from 100% recycled, recyclable materials. 100% bedding with a conscience!

eco panda bamboo pads

Reusable bamboo pads

EcoPanda reusable bamboo cotton make up wipes are great for makeup lovers and eco-friendly enthusiasts. They are made up from 80% bamboo and 20% organic cotton. They come with a laundry bag for washing and their own bamboo storage jar to keep them clean and safe.

The Perfect Shave Sustainable Bamboo Razor

The razor has a long handle made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainable and one of Earth’s naturally renewable materials. The Bamboo handle will never splinter nor will it become slippery. The handle is biodegradable and designed with a perfect weight and ergonomic shape.

KINTOR Wool Dryer Balls XL 6-Pack

Kintor Hypoallergenic wool dry balls are an alternative for dryer sheets, liquid fabric softener and plastic dryer balls. They soften laundry naturally without any synthetics or chemicals. They are much safer than commercial grade fabric softeners and dryer sheets that contain harsh chemicals around children and pets. They are hypoallergenic, perfect for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Designer Kitchen Countertop Compost Bin

Composting takes a twist to stylish with this counter top composting unit. It captures your kitchen food waste to easily transfer into your home composter or yard and food waste bin.

Eco Friendly Premium Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

These reusable metal straws provide a practical, lasting and classy alternative to disposable plastic straws, a great way to add a touch of style to your drinks whilst reducing single-use plastic consumption and helping our environment. Their eco-friendliness extends to the packaging too, which is free from wasteful plastic wrapping.

the other straw bamboo cutlery

theotherstraw is a social enterprise offering reusable, sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. They produce reusable bamboo cutlery sets, reusable bamboo straws and natural coconut bowls. All their products are ethically-sourced in Northern Vietnam. Their bamboo cutlery set is a great gift for the conscious traveller to help eliminate single-use plastic.
bamboo straws



Theotherstraw have very kindly offered one lucky winner to win 2 bamboo straws and a set of their bamboo cutlery! To enter, use the app below. Good luck




eco friendly gifts


146 Comments on Eco friendly gifts

  1. What a brilliant idea, it is like double the giving, a) the gift to the person, and b) also to the planet, double the feel good factor

  2. Great giveaway. I would love to try these beeswax wraps, I’ve been looking into this idea a lot recently. Lots of other good eco ideas as well.

  3. Great idea, about time we did something serious about all this one use plastic other materials are out there that can be used as this proves

  4. I LOVE the sprout pencils, every year I say i’m going to get them for my little girls teachers and forget. I may wait until she doesn’t have so many haha.

    Thanks for joining up with the Christmas gift guide linky

  5. I’ve just put loads of plastic packing in the bin from the weekly shop. AND ITS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!!!!!

  6. These beeswax wraps are a perfect way to start being more eco conscious and to reduce plastic waste! I’d love to win and use these!

  7. Innovation is an amazing thing. I’d love to try these wraps, I’ve heard a lot about them and they’ve been on my “list”.

  8. Some lovely eco products on this list. I have made a point of buying some eco Christmas gifts this year for family and friends.

  9. Absolutely love the beeswax wraps – I hate how much packaging is associated with convenience food, even clingfilm when I make my own lunch!

  10. Going to get some reusable veg bags as I’ve realised how many bags I get through. I’ve also started taking a sandwich to work eaach day and would love a reusable covering to reduce waste.

  11. Love all of these! So many ideas i hadn’t considered, especially love the cute little make up remover pad set!

  12. These items all look good, it’s great to have more ideas on sustainable gifting. Love the idea of the straws as well as I find paper straws make drinks taste a little funny

  13. Wow, there are so many great items here. I shall definitely be getting some straws and makeup remover pads this week. Thank you for this invaluable information.

  14. Great prize, we’re gradually trying to become more eco friendly I don’t think it’s something that can be done overnight but we’re trying

  15. We try our hardest to do our bit for the environment, we have replaced straws with the silicone ones, but they are not very strong so bend quite easily and fall out of the glasses if they are the smaller kind.

  16. Some great ideas here that show that being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring, and can still by stylish!

  17. i would love to try bamboo I used metal straws until i couldn’t get past the metal detector during jury duty

  18. Thank you, how lovely. I think metal straws are a great idea except, obviously, as the lady says above, going through metal detectors for jury service or airports even.

  19. very good theme for a giveaway. I have some lovely bamboo plates, the other bits would be great!

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