There are plenty of things to do in Canada and Toronto is one of the most popular cities in Canada that people like to visit. While some people head to Toronto for the big events like the film festivals, others go there for the food and to experience the culture.

This city is perfect for families and those who are travelling with a group of friends. Many people end up visiting this city repeatedly due to how much they fall in love with it.

Although I’ve never visited, these are the reasons I am keen too in the future

The Food

The food scene in Toronto is one that is sure to impress once you get there. Not only are there plenty of larger restaurants for you to choose from but there are also plenty of smaller independent places that have some great food on offer. If you are looking for some traditional food then you need to check out Poutine while you are there. I’ve also been told to try beavertails, butter tarts and Canadian bacon.

Easy To Get There

Another reason to visit Toronto is that it is really easy to get there. Whether you are booking flights to Toronto or you are driving across the border, you should be able to get there easily enough. When booking flights, you should make sure that you are flying into Downton Toronto to Billy Bishop Airport. This is more convenient than flying to Pearson Airport as it’s less stressful (due to it not being as busy primarily!). If you want to see at what flights are available, you can find more information here about travel times and prices for booking. You should be able to find affordable flights easily enough so make sure to book these or find an alternative method of getting to Toronto if you would rather not fly.


Everyone knows that Canada is sports-mad and when you visit Toronto, you’ll be able to see some of these sporting events in real life. The most popular sport in Canada and in Toronto is Ice Hockey and there are many teams that compete against each other every month. The main team in Toronto is the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is important to note that it might be difficult to get tickets to one of their games but if you plan your trip well in advance then you should be able to get one for the next match when you visit. Of course, there are plenty of other sporting events going on throughout the year that don’t involve ice hockey so make sure to give these a chance as well.


Hiking is great in Toronto. With old industrial areas, mountain views, and rocky cliffsides, there’s so much variety in the hikes in Toronto.

Nuit Blanche

There are many Winter festivals in Canada, in Toronto, you can find a free all-night contemporary art event, the magic of Nuit Blanche Toronto returns in 2020 under a new two-year curatorial theme, The Space Between Us, from Artistic Director Julie Nagam. The theme will focus on the connections across urban, polar and pacific landscapes revealing the space between us as a potential site for sharing knowledges.

Film Festivals

Have you ever heard of the Toronto International Film Festival? This festival is known around the world for hosting many of the best filmmakers and actors in the world and it is a large event when it comes around. For those who like to keep up with the latest films, this is a great find although it might be quite hard to get a ticket to a showing. Either way, this festival brings a lot of people to Toronto and it is definitely something to consider.


If you are someone who likes to head to the shops then you will love Toronto. This city has plenty of large stores and some smaller retailers that will have plenty for you to browse around. You’ll find all of your favourite brands and some new ones when you visit Toronto next year. Don’t forget to check the vintage stores that include 96 Tears and In Vintage We Trust. You might just find some of your own hidden gems.

Open Spaces

For those who like to get out and explore nature, Toronto has plenty of open spaces which are perfect for a chilled out day. Some of the most popular parks and open spaces in Toronto include Cloud Gardens, Allan Gardens and St. James Park. If you are travelling to Toronto with your children then you can spend a day in one of these parks and get some fresh air. While most people don’t go to Toronto for the open spaces specifically, they are definitely something to consider.

The People

The great thing about Toronto is that the people are meant to be very friendly there. As you walk down the streets you will come across some friendly faces and they will always be willing to stop to help out a tourist who is a little bit lost. While this cannot be said for every single person in Toronto, you will find that this city is known for being friendly and the people will usually be very welcoming to you if you visit.

The Spas

Toronto might be a big city but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of places to relax. If you are hoping for a location with some places to chill then you will love Toronto. Some of the most popular spas in this area include Elmwood spa and Sweetgrass Spa Toronto. Make sure to check these out and find out about all of the treatments that you can get. You’ll love relaxing and you’ll be ready to take on the big city all over again once you are relaxed.


Did you know that Toronto is one of the safest places that you can visit? While there are some areas that might be a little more unsafe than others at night, the city is generally very safe. This also goes for the cleanliness of the city. If you are planning on travelling with your family then Toronto might just be the perfect place to visit in the coming year. Take a look online at some guides on the best areas to stay in while you are there.

Art Scene

Finally, for all of those who are interested in art, you should know that Toronto has an amazing art scene. There are plenty of art museums and galleries that are filled with great pieces from famous artists. If you are looking for some great pieces, it’s been suggested that you check out the Art Gallery Of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Distillery Historic District. You’ll also probably come across some street art in Toronto so don’t forget to take some time to appreciate this.


If you were unsure about visiting Toronto before reading this article then I hope that you will be planning a trip to this Canadian city after reading this. There are so many things to do in this city and plenty of things to eat and drink while you are there.
If you are planning a trip to Toronto then you should make sure that you consider everything that I have discussed and plan to visit everything that you can. You’ll fall in love with the city of Toronto and you’ll be looking forward to go back as soon as you can.



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  1. I’ve been to Toronto once before and enjoyed it, the main reason I’d go back is because it’s so close to Niagara Falls which is one of my favourite places in the world x

  2. Toronto sounds great with lots to do. It’s somewhere id love to visit when I get a chance. Good to know it’s pretty safe there.

  3. Some great reasons for visiting.Steve’s grandfather was from Canada so Toronto is somewhere he’s always wanted to visit as he wants to explore the country in more detail.

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