A watch is an extension of somebodies personality. A great watch will hold it’s value through time and in some cases, increase. I know a few people who collect watches and own 3 or 4 pieces from the same brand from different ranges.

How do you know you are purchasing a genuine watch?

It’s important to know you are getting a genuine watch, especially when some cost thousands of pounds. The truth is some people don’t if they are getting a genuine watch. They look at the box and documentation and assume it’s authenticity. With counterfeiters becoming more and more convincing, it takes real experts to tell the difference between a fake and the real deal.

Where can you buy a genuine designer watch?

Chronoexpert are a global platform which connects private individuals and businesses wishing to sell their watches with people who are interested in buying or selling them. So when deciding on buying or selling a watch, they are the premier destination for new or used Rolex watches, TAG Heuer, OMEGA, Breitling, Cartier and many more. Here you will find vintage, automatic, gold and dive watches at unbeatable prices. With its international coverage, it enables it to offer its customers the largest selection of brands and models from the market. Chronoexpert guarantees that 100% of the watches are authentic. They do not accept fakes, copies or non-original items. All watches pass through Chronoexpert facilities are subjected to a sophisticated verification process by their team of in-house experts. They are so confident of the authenticity of the products that they offer a guaranteed right of return for up to 14 days after purchase.

Chronoexpert’s website is so easy to navigate, making it simple to find the watch of your dreams. If you do not see your ideal watch, they have a specialist team is at your service to help you find the model you want. Once you find the watch you wish to buy, send over a purchase request. You can make a counteroffer, but if you offer too low, it is l likely be to rejected automatically. Chronoexpert will evaluate your offer within 24-48 hrs. If it is accepted, they will contact you via email or telephone to guide you through the final stage of the purchase. Once they receive your payment, they will retain and guard the amount for 14 days until they are certain of your complete satisfaction with the transaction. Payment is never released to the seller until at least 14 days have passed after the day it is delivered it to your home or other location specified by you. Every watch purchased on Chronoexpert is meticulously checked, and any imperfections it might have, are rectified before it goes through a complete authentication process. Once the watch has passed all internal quality checks, they will proceed to send it to you. The entire buy and sell process takes place on Chronoexpert to give you complete security and peace of mind during the transaction.

So if you are looking for a Christmas gift or treat for yourself, pop over to their website and have a browse


Finding a genuine designer watch


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  1. Me and my husband always wanted designer watches until smart watches came out and we are both athletes and use ours for sleep tracking and step counting.

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