When Laundrapp* offered to give me credit to check their service out I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t want their laundry pile decreased? I was actually very surprised that our area was included in the service as we are usually missed out, being a village with over 3 miles from the nearest town.

Laundrapp review

The Laundrapp service works by ordering what you would like dry cleaned or laundered, you pick a time slot, it gets picked up and then dropped back off at agreed time slot all nice and clean. The website says you don’t need to bother about putting it in a bag as the Laundrapp people will come with one of their bags for you to put everything in. Thankfully I put ours in a bag as he didn’t turn up with a Laundrapp bag.

Laundrapp review

The website was easy to navigate and you can choose to have particular items dry cleaned or washed, dried and ironed or per kg for laundry to be washed and dried. Once you have chosen what is being laundered, you pick a date and time slot for both collection and drop off.  Pick up and drop offs are in hourly slots between 7am and 8pm, the minimum order in £20 but the delivery is free. I was given £25 credit which covered the cost of a set of king size bedding and two bath towels.

Laundrapp review

I put my order through at 8am on the Wednesday (to be picked up Thursday 9-10am and dropped back Monday 9-10am) before getting ready to go to work, by 8.30 I had a missed call, voicemail and text message from the laundry guy asking if it was possible to pick up at 11.45 that morning whilst he was passing. As D said he could take an early lunch for him to collect I said yes. At 12.15 he still hadn’t arrived, having been stuck in traffic but he didn’t ring or text to say he was delayed and unfortunately D had to take business calls so he couldn’t be there to give the laundry. This meant I had to then organise another time with him. I can understand him wanting to make it worth his journey fitting us in to a route he is already doing but it took away the simple, hassle free transaction that it is meant to be. However, the plus side of having his contact details meant I could organise pick up and drop offs at separate addresses which you can’t do on the website, it also meant that I could have my laundry dropped off on the Friday rather than waiting until Monday.

The experience for me ended up being a bit of a faff when I had enough to organise and think about without adding laundry to it, however I think the concept is great. I’m sure in towns and cities there will be so many laundries signed up to Laundrapp that everything will go as smooth as it should do x


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  1. That sounds amazing and convenient especially those maddening busy days. I have a pile here that needs to be done too 😉

  2. Having used the app, I do love it. I think for times when you are just overflowing with things to do, it can just take the pressure off because it is so user friendly x

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