You’ve spent weeks at home, practised social isolation when you stepped out to buy essentials, and you’re still doing everything right during this rather tough pandemic situation that’s hit the world. That’s great. Being cooped up at home isn’t easy, and with the uncertainty of the situation around, you might even be hit by anxiety and stress, which might put a dampner on your productivity levels.

If that sounds like something you’re going through, here’s a bit of help. Read on to discover some of the most productive things you can do while you’re still at home, being safe despite the lock down rules easing up.


I’m sat on a chair outside wearing a grey oversized Tshirt and grey leggings

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can not just boost your career growth, but will also help you expand your chances professionally more than ever- whether or not you’re planning to travel to a new location anytime soon. The best part is, doing it has become incredibly easy, from online tutors to help you out to videos and apps that pack in all the info, you’re pretty much sorted. At the moment I am learning French using the Duolingo app, the Babbel app and Rosetta Stone app! I find varying them is helping me.


Another excellent productive activity you could get started on is decluttering and it doesn’t just have to be your home, but your digital presence as well. Decluttering your email inbox for example, and unsubscribing to unrelated, unnecessary subscriptions can prove to be more life changing than you’d imagine.

Chalk Out a Plan

Whether you’re gearing up to get back to work, or thinking of a new business strategy to implement or even just trying to get more fit, whatever it is, use this little extra time that you have to chalk out a plan revolving around that. Planning your tasks (or even just your day) in advance can help you stay more focused and in control, and is again, an extremely powerful way to make productive use of your time.


Staying productive at home. I’m sat on a chair outside reading a book. I’m wearing an oversized black Tshirt and black joggers

Read More

Reading is probably the most underrated of all productive activities. Even if it is a simple how-to article, a fiction novel or a magazine, reading can be an excellent stress buster, and one of the best ways to keep you updated about the world. Studies have time and time again found that people who read more around up to 2.5 times less likely to suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn a New Skill

From art and history to programming and science, there are tons of courses you can take up, and new skills that you can learn during this extended time indoors. You’ll find several free and paid sources to pick from, and get started. This will not just add to your credibility and expertise, but will also lend you that little satisfaction of having accomplished something productive.


I am stood outside with a field behind me. I am wearing a black tshirt with paradise written on in white and black slim fit cargo pants


Get dressed

It can be so tempting to stay in your nightwear when you aren’t planning on going out and nobody is visiting but getting dressed can help you keep a routine and also make you feel more productive. You don’t have to dress up, even just putting on some loungewear can help you feel better. You are comfortable but ready to take on the day. I’ve recently got some new lounge wear from Femme Luxe Finery. They have a great collection at the moment including joggers and t-shirts.

Get out in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, make the most of it for some fresh air. Use this time to do the weeding and sort your plants out. Gardening is incredible for physical exercise and also your mental health. Seeing your garden coming along and taking shape will really help with you feeling like you have done something productive.


What are you doing to keep busy at home?


Staying productive at home


4 Comments on Staying productive at home

  1. The lockdown period has given me some extra time to declutter and spend more time in the garden tending to my potted plants. I am also doing a refresher course for Mandarin. I can speak the language but I would like to learn to read and write too.

  2. Being Productive at home is hard.. But unless you try you cant do anyting. These tips, list of things are really good..

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