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Blogtober #4 – A Secret About Yourself

| Projects

Todays blogtober task is to share a secret about myself. I can’t really think of any, secrets are meant to be kept that way so any I do have are locked away so tight that I’ve forgotten them.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a 19 month update of Lucas and although everything in that is […] Read more…


Blogtober #3 – If You Won The Lottery

| Projects

If I won £10 I would treat D and I to a takeaway. If I won £500 I would pay for a short break in the Lake District. If I won £1000 I would pay for a week in Fuerteventura. If I won £50,000 I would put it towards a holiday then new house. If […] Read more…

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Blogtober #2 – An Old Photo

| Projects

Continuing with Blogtober, today’s challenge is to share an old photo of me. I’ve not had time to look for a new one to share so I’m pinching one I used last year in my eight photos of happiness post. Not the greatest of quality as I’ve taken a photo on my ipad from the photo in […] Read more…


Blogtober #1 – who are you?

| Projects

Mandi from Hex Mum has put together a series of questions to challenge bloggers to post everyday in October. Here goes… Who are you? I’m Jenni, also known as Lucas’ Mummy, D’s partner, H’s sister or H and S’s daughter. I live in a little village or at least it used to be little until it was […] Read more…


BidVine Review

| Projects, Reviews

  BidVine review* of photography services in Manchester. If, like me you haven’t heard of BidVine before, this is how they describe themselves… ‘Bidvine is the easiest way to find and hire local professionals to help accomplish your projects. Learn something new, redecorate your home, feel better, feel fitter, throw a great party – and more.’ […] Read more…


Small Business Love

| Projects, Shopping

  Last week I went on a product photography workshop at Definitely Dreaming so I can start to take photos of the jewellery and new products we are creating at work. The workshop taught us which settings were best to use on our cameras, how to find the best light and how to manipulate natural light […] Read more…


The Mummy Tag

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Thank you to Ayse from Arepops for tagging me in the mummy tag x 1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum or a Working Mum? Bit of both, I worked full time before having Lucas. I took 14 months off on maternity and now work 3 days a week. 2. Would you have it any […] Read more…


Retraining With NCC Home Learning

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I have previously talked about enrolling onto a childminding course with NCC home learning. NCC allows students to work at their own pace which is great for me as getting quiet time to myself is usually when Lucas has a nap. They also have a price match guarantee and payment plans to make learning more affordable. Most […] Read more…


Making A Wedding Planner File

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I made a wedding planner file for my friend whose engagement party we went to at the weekend, it was the first function D and I have been to together without Lucas since he was born. My parents babysat for us, it was lovely being out together without having Lucas distracting us. I couldn’t manage […] Read more…