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6.30ish Go downstairs, make breakfast, put Postman Pat on/play

Do any jobs that need doing

8ish Have a bath and get dressed

9ish Take Lucas to nursery if I’m working. If I’m not working go out for a couple of hours either shopping, for a play/walk, visit family

11ish Return home, prepare lunch

11.30ish Lunch then Lucas’ nap. I get some jobs done or catch up on blog whilst he naps

1-2ish Lucas wakes, relax/play downstairs for an hour

3ish Go for a walk

3.30 Pick Lucas up from nursery if I’ve been working

4.30-5ish Lucas have tea, D gets home from work

Catch up and Lucas play with D

6.30-7ish Take Lucas up to bed

Anytime between 7 and 8 Lucas fall asleep

Go downstairs and have tea with D, catch up, blog, watch TV

10ish Go up to bed, if I have enough energy catch up on commenting on other blogs, write sponsored posts for a couple of hours before sleep



4 Comments on Blogtober #15 – My Day

  1. Blogging does take up a lot of energy! Oh I don’t know if I could start every morning with Postman Pat! The things we do for kids! 🙂 #Blogtober16

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