Lictin Face Paint for Kids 

Lictin face paint kit is very good quality, safe and non-toxic. Suitable for people of all ages, from children to the elderly so the whole family can enjoy the fun. The lictin make up set is beautifully packed and with 23 colours and 5 templates for Halloween,Christmas, etc.

The Game of Life Board Game

Gift the invitation to get family game night going with a classic board game.

 Food Truck Indoor Corrugate Playhouse

This cardboard play house looks just like a little food truck! Serve up hours of fun with this gift idea!

Dinosaurs with Activity Play Mat

Kids will get lost in a world of their own design with this dinosaur activity set.

Compact Waterproof Travel Binoculars Orange

Give an invitation to explore with a pair of kid safe binoculars!

48 Count Sidewalk Chalks

With a bunch of colourful chalk waiting, kids are going to ditch the tablet and create epic works of art.

Bubble Machine

Kids will love chasing bubbles, while parents will love letting this handy machine do the work of blowing the bubbles!

Cluedo the Classic Mystery Board Game

Classic board games are the perfect way for kids to get their game on without a screen!

Pizza Party Wooden Play Food

Serve up a slice of fun with a wooden pizza party play set!

Chip ‘n’ Pin Till

This toy features a checkout till with a working electronic calculator and two simulated credit cards with different pin numbers. When the correct pin number is entered a green light appears and a bell ring sounds. Read my review of the Casdon chip n pin till

Jumanji Original Board Game

Kids will love getting a game of Jumanji going on weeknights and taking a break from their tablets!

Cutting Toy Set

Slice and dice up a good time with this pretend play food set.

Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

The doc is in with this epic vet kit. Kids will love making their rounds to make sure all of their pets are good to go.

Scoop & Learn Pretend Play

Scoop up a lot of pretend play fun with this ice cream cart toy! Read my full review of the Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart 

Lights and Sounds Grill

This grill toy has lights and sounds and play food! Kids will be cooking up fun without a screen to be seen!

Pretend Play Makeup Set

Girls will have so much fun with this pretend play makeup kit that they won’t give their tablets a second thought!

SEEKERS Scavenger Hunt Game

An easy way to get the kids off their tablets and connecting with their surroundings. Makes a walk in woodland an enjoyable experience even for 10-year-olds who are addicted to their phones! Can be enjoyed with one player or in small groups where everyone has to help to find the items.

Twister Picnic Blanket

Complete any day out with this fun Twister picnic blanket. A fully functioning picnic blanket with waterproof backing and a miniature Twister key-ring spinner, once the sandwiches and strawberries have been eaten, you can top off the afternoon with everyone’s favourite party game classic.

Lictin Baby Carrier

If your little one has had enough of walking and needs a rest or you have a baby in tow. The Lictin Baby Carrier is ergonomically designed to allow babies to sit in natural M-shape. The child carrier facilitates proper positioning and supports the thighs, lower legs and knees in an M-shape to prevent the development of hip dysplasia. Suitable for children 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs. You can also get 30% discount using the 3IO3JXEI
Start time: 2019-11-20  13:00  GMT
End time :    2019-11-23  23:59  GMT

As with the above baby carrier, this Lictin baby carrier is suitable for children 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs. You can get 30% discount using the code C79QXAT9
Start time: 2019-11-20  14:00  GMT
End time :    2019-11-23  23:59  GMT

Lictin have also very kindly offered to give one away to a lucky reader. The prize will be for this one (grey), it can be used as a front, side or back carrier. There is also a removable, windproof and sun-protective hood.


Lictin baby carrier


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66 Comments on Gift ideas for screen free play

  1. I love the scavenger hunt game as I love to have the wee ones out in the fresh air as much as possible.

  2. Absolutely love the Food Truck Indoor Corrugate Playhouse so many hours of fun to be had in that & I would definitely join in!

  3. we’ve got a lot of play type toys for the kids this year, I love the idea of the food truck but I think my 20 month old would destroy it in minutes. When they’re older i’m defo gonna look at getting one!

    Thanks for joining up with the Christmas gift guide linky

  4. I had one of the first baby carriers on the market. I loved keeping my babies close and snug. Can’t carry the little ones anymore unfortunately but this would be great for my grandson.

  5. I absolutely love the grey one. It makes a lovely change to see something designed for babies in a subtle colour rather than either black or a garish colour.

  6. These baby carriers look really sturdy, I have baby carried since my son was born and we currently use beco gemini which are really comfy too.

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