Lucas was recently sent* a Casdon Chip n Pin Till and a Casdon Shopping Basket to review. He was especially pleased with it as he has been choosing magazines recently that have food and shopping toys in so a parcel full of toy food and his own till made him very happy.  Casdon are well known for creating toys that are fun but also encourage children to use their imagination, develop social skills, hand-to-eye co-ordination, problem solving and motor skills, to name just a few. It’s incredible how much you can learn and develop through play. Read my review of the Casdon dyson


Casdon till and shopping basket. Lucas is sat behind the till on the carpeted floor, I am knelt in front, putting the card in the machine


Lucas has been loving playing shop and will set the food up before calling for someone to shop, although, he can be quite bossy with telling people what to buy! There are different working functions of the till which help Lucas understand cause and effect. The till has a working calculator to develop early counting skills.


Casdon till and shopping basket close up of me putting PIN number in and the till and basket


The chip n pin machine that is attached to the till comes with 2 cards that work in it. On the edge of the cards, is the correct pin numbers. When you enter these numbers correctly, the light will turn green, if you enter them incorrectly, the light will turn red.


Casdon till and shopping basket close up of card machine and lit up green


As well as the cards, the till also comes with plastic coins and paper notes so you can choose whether to pay cash or card, as you do in a real shop. There is a till roll that can be rolled and torn out to give to customers which I would like to know whether it can be replaced once it’s finished so will look into that. A selection of unbranded food comes with the till too, so you can just buy the till if you didn’t want to spend more on the basket.


Casdon till and shopping basket


The basket is a great accessory to add to the till or to buy on its own if you have a play kitchen and want to add some well known branded food to it. The basket includes 20 items of food from well-known brands such as Tetley, Birds Eye, Findus, and Mr Kipling, meaning Lucas could quickly recognise them as the ones he see’s in the shop. They aren’t just child like imitations though, the packaging is identical, including the ingredients and nutritional information on the back, making them fab to bring in some nutritional education and recognising words on packets if they may be allergic to something.

Lucas has been loving playing shops and I know this set will get well used. I think both toys are really good value for money and would make great gifts for Christmas.


Casdon till and shopping basket #childrenstoys


8 Comments on Playing shop with the Casdon till and shopping basket

  1. My children always loved playing shop but technology has come along way, no chip and pin in those days. The food packets always used to come filled with sweets which would certainly not happen now. It seems a very good educational toy which is also fun.

  2. I used to love playing shops when I was younger and so always enjoy it when my niece brings out her till and shopping bags! This looks like a good till and lots of imaginary fun!

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