Futuroscope France review. Staff dressed up in scary outfits


We packed up the car and set off bright and early from our home in the Dordogne to sample the delights that Futuroscope had to offer. Myself and Lucas had never been before, D had been with school when he was 15 some 26 years ago!

Futuroscope is located in the department of Vienne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 10 kilometres north of Poitiers, in the communes of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan. The Theme-Park is based upon multimedia, cinematographic Futuroscope and audio-visual techniques and boasts over 40 attractions for all ages and tastes.


Futuroscope France review. Lucas stood in front of the Futuroscope sign


Upon arrival, we found parking to be plentiful as we made our way to get our premium passes. We also downloaded the app so we could see what queue times were for attractions, which was so helpful.

As it was Halloween, the park was awash with pumpkins, and all the staff were dressed in some spectacular, scary outfits as were some of the other visitors.

Futuroscope France review. Lucas is driving a green car


D and Lucas first went on Rescue Academy at the boating centre where you get to sail a rescue boat. As you go slip-sliding across the water, jets of water shoot out which makes an exhilarating ride.

Next stop we all ventured onto Mission Eclabousse. D took the controls as myself and Lucas fired the water cannons at targets, which shoot spectacular water fountains in the air. We were excellent shots even if I do say so myself with fountains shooting in all directions.


Futuroscope France review. Lucas and D on a yellow and red boat


After these water attractions, Lucas decided he wanted to try his hand at driving all on his own. We headed over to Budding Drivers, here Lucas sat in on a driving lesson and to learn the various signs and rules of the road. Once this was complete, he was ready to drive his electric car. Lucas did a splendid job navigating the roads, stopping at junctions and roundabouts and popping through the car wash.

Next stop was onto the playgrounds which are inspired in an aviation theme with a helicopter and plane to explore.

We then headed over to the aquatic gardens. Lucas loved darting in between the water jets as they shot up intermittingly. He had fun operating the cranes on the waterworks helping construct the new river. After a little rest watching Lucas, we pedalled as high as we could on The Wings of Da Vinci. There is so much to do you could fill two full days here so you could enjoy all the attractions. We decided to set off in the Ascenso-rocket before we headed out of Futuropolis to the other attractions.

We settled down for some lunch on one of the many picnic benches. If you are looking to buy food while you here, there are an array of restaurants and food carts, they are dotted all across the park that caters for all tastes.

Arthur the 4D adventure

Next up, we headed straight to the front of the queue for Arthur the 4D adventure. Here we shrunk and became a Minimoy jumping aboard a ladybird and joined Arthur in a hair-raising race around the fairy-tale world of the Minimoys. It was a fascinating notion simulator as we careered on in front of the 9,700ft within in-theatre effects.

Ice Age

No time to rest as we next joined Scrat, Ice Age’s resident nut-crazed sabre-toothed squirrel, as he time travelled to the Ice Age. Scrat battles a wonky time-machine that has zapped his beloved nut and with buddies Manny, Diego and Sid along for the ride. We loved this 4-D spectacular with it’s in theatreand physical effects.

Sebastien Loeb Racing

D fancied going on the Sebastien Loeb Racing Experience. Here you take a trip we the 9-time World Rally Driver’s Champion as he delivers a vile of antidote to cure a world-threatening virus. You are seated in a bucket seat and put your virtual reality helmet on. This is the worlds first 5D VR simulator with 360-degree images and 6-way electro body simulator and the most high-performance headset available. D loved every minute of it. Lucas was too short to go in the seats so we watched it from a benched area.

Travelling time machine

Next, we went on our favourite with The Raving Rabbids as we boarded and train and sat on toilet seats! There were so many special effects from the toilet seats moving and being sneezed on! We enjoyed seeing great moments in history with our 3D glasses on

The extraordinary voyage

Still, no time to catch our breath, we headed onto The Extraordinary Voyage following the journey of Jules Verne. Our legs dangled as we smelt the surroundings and journeyed through the world. This was my favourite. In particularly, I liked going through India and smelling the spices.

Dynamique Vienne

A man has woken up late on a train for his wedding and his quest to get to the altar he encounters Guerliguet a tree who helps him get there. We took to racing cars, air and water to get there just in time. The journey is projected on a 3,230 ft screen with lateral images and in-theatre effects while sat in hydraulic seats. Be aware, the Guerliguet sneezes on you quite a lot, Lucas kept saying how disgusting it was!

Cosmic Shock

After all this adrenaline we wanted to relax so sat and enjoyed Cosmic Collisions. Here we saw an asteroid smash into our planet and witness how the universe is forged today as a result. The visual effects were stunning, and Lucas watched animated as the events unfolded on the roof above us.


Around the corner is Kinekid and we enjoyed a Frankenstein cartoon which was great with it being Halloween. A wicked witch casts a spell of the family but can they get back to normal by the end of the ride?


Futuroscope France review. Lucas doing a scary face with blue lighting and cobwebs behind him

La Forge aux Etoiles

It was now getting late and after grabbing some refreshments we headed to the water arena for the evening finale. There was a DJ, host and lots of characters dressed up in scary costumes. Then came La Forge aux Etoiles by Cirque du Soleil. A young girl meets a virtual giant with lots of pyrotechnic effects. She travelled across water in her car before taking a seat on her swing in the sky. The show was visually stunning, and there was such a great atmosphere with the crowd. It was well worth staying out late for it and Lucas loved the fireworks at the end.

We had been out an about for 12 hours, and after all this excitement there was only one thing left to do, go to bed as we were exhausted. We had such a wonderful day and will definitely be returning to Futuroscope another day


Futuroscope France review. The theme park is in Poiters, Vienne


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