It’s that time of year when all the adverts are even more pumped up with children’s toys or treats. Lucas is driving me crazy wanting everything that comes on TV, his favourite magazine at the moment is the Toys R Us Christmas catalogue and he tells us that’s he’s waiting for Christmas for pretty much everything in it. I have a feeling he’s going to be disappointed when everything doesn’t appear. I really thought this would start next year, not this year. I have already unwrapped his main present I had bought him because I’ve decided to push it back to a birthday present to accommodate one of the toys he hasn’t stopped talking about! The other toy that he has been obsessed with is the Leap Frog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart and thankfully Leap Frog came to my rescue with this as they offered to send one to Lucas to review, thank you Leap Frog!


Leap Frog scoop and learn ice cream cart review


For those of you that haven’t seen this, it is an interactive ice cream cart where you can create imaginative ice cream combinations with various flavours and toppings. Lucas loves being a ice cream man, he will walk around the living room pressing the bell before asking us what flavour we would like and then whether we would like a cream topping and sauce. It is adorable and I think I love this cart as much as Lucas.


Leap Frog scoop and learn ice cream cart review


It comes with a magic scoop to serve the ice cream and it recognises which flavours and toppings it is holding. The pump can be pressed down to pretend the sauce is coming out and it says which sauce it is, how many times it has been pushed etc. There are 6 cards that the cart recognises and depending on which card is slotted into the cash register, it will change the activity.


Leap Frog scoop and learn ice cream cart review


It is a fab way of making learning fun, the various activities teach colours, numbers and tests memory. There are some very catchy songs and if you have had enough of listening to it, you can lower the volume as there are 2 volume choices. The cart also has 2 drawers at the sides to keep the ice creams and toppings in so they don’t get lost.




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  1. My goodness, I would absolutely have loved this when I was little! I know my nephew would appreciate this for Christmas actually. It must be manic at this time of year with everything new coming out. Glad you were able to get this for Lucas!

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