Crate Creatures. Lucas, a four year old blonde hair d boy is sat on the grass holding the monster crate creature in his hand. I’m front of him is the open crate


Lucas got the Crate Creature, Blizz last year and was recently sent* some of the newer Crate Creature toys including a KaBOOM box, Crate Creature Basher and Barf Buddy.


Crate Creatures. Lucas, a blonde 4 year old boy is sat on grass holding the crate creature in his hands, he is looking down at it

KaBOOM box, Nanners

Lucas received the KaBOOM Crate creature called Nanners. There are 4 creatures to collect and all come in their own crate like the original Crate Creatures. These crates aren’t as sturdy as the original ones and are also smaller but the price difference reflects this as they are cheaper. Using the plunger at the top of the box, you detonate your way into the box to reveal your creature. This crate is meant to be reusable to store the creature in but Lucas managed to break it the first time he played with it! Lucas has really enjoyed playing with Nanners and seems to prefer this over his Blizz Crate Creature as he can rearrange the creatures body. Each creature has 6 mix and match pieces to arrange as you like. If you get any more KaBOOM creatures, you can also interchange those parts with the other creatures. Pull his tongue and listen to the funny, gross and monstrous noises.

Crate Creature Bashers

Crate Creatures creators have very cleverly tapped into the collectibles market here, which I know Lucas loves as do my friends children. If there’s something to collect, Lucas is there, he loves hoarding and aims to get as many characters in collections as possible! The Crate Creature Bashers are very fun, you pull their tongue to hear their monstrous noise as well as flicking them through the air like a rubber band. There are 12 creatures to collect.


A child hands can be seen holding the barf buddy crate creature. It is blue and the slime is green. Underneath by the child’s feet are the other two crate Creatures

Barf Buddy

Crate Creatures are tapping into the slime market here and I usually don’t have slime in the house. I don’t like the idea of it or the mess it will create. However, this barf buddy, I don’t mind. I think that’s because Lucas doesn’t pull the tail hard enough. When you pull the tail, the slime is meant to ooze and fling out of the mouth. Lucas’ barf buddy opens its mouth but the slime doesn’t ooze, which I’m not too fussed about. Lucas does prod the slime in his mouth and liked finding the 3 puke pals which are hidden in the slime of each barf buddy. There are 6 barf buddies to collect.

Crate Creatures have got a fab collection and a great assortment suitable for different price ranges. If you would like the chance to win a Crate Creature KaBOOM box, enter below x


Crate Creatures KaBOOM

Crate Creatures interchangeable KaBOOM monsters, slime barf buddy and Basher #childrenstoys #cratecreatures



91 Comments on Meet the new Crate Creatures!

  1. Awesome bundle. Reminds me of this gross pug thing my son has that burps really loud. He’d enjoy these!

  2. They look sufficiently awesome to appeal to my grandson! The worse looking the better! We have great fun pretending to be firgtened as he roars with his dinosaurs and other monsters. Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  3. This is a fabulous giveaway, I’d love to treat my daughter to one for her birthday, she would love it x

  4. I agree with you about slime, I try to avoid it at all costs. The crate creatures look like fun though

  5. My Grandsons would love these Crate Creatures, they look like real boisturous fun, and the noise element is sure to please, as is the interchangeable body parts!

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