With Summer fast approaching, I have been looking for some alternatives to ice cream…

Fruit and Veg lollies

This idea has come from a book I was sent a while back called Get Your Kids To Eat Anything. The delicious smoothie lollies contain only natural ingredients and can be whizzed up in minutes. Using natural yoghurt, veg such as spinach and fruit like bananas, your children can celebrate using ingredients they may usually avoid and seeing various ways they can be used and challenging perceptions whilst enjoying their treats! Cucumber can add a light, fresh taste, where as avacado can make chocolate lollies creamy.

Frozen yoghurt

Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream. It is low fat, but still the bigger sizes mean more calories. If you are watching your weight this summer it is best to go with a small or a kiddie cone or cup when ordering frozen yogurt. In addition, if you are trying to stay healthy avoid getting calorie rich toppings, like nuts or granola on your frozen yogurt. Not only will they add more calories to your sweet treat, but they will add more fat and sugar as well. Frozen yogurt doesn’t necessarily have as much calcium as regular yogurt, so use this as a sweet treat instead of a meal replacement.

Frozen pudding

Depending what pudding you make, this may or may not be healthier to ice cream but make a delicious alternative all the same. Think frozen berry tortes, elderflower posset, honeycombe parfait and lemonade granita.

Frozen fruit

The healthiest alternative to ice cream is frozen fruit. Bananas are really good when they are sliced up and put into a freezer. Bags of frozen berries are great when thrown into a blender with a little bit of milk or soy. Frozen berries pack in a lot more flavour to a regular smoothie, than ice cubes. When you are making smoothies, make a large batch of the mixture, so you can save the rest for later.

Summer is known for temperatures soaring, but that doesn’t mean the numbers on the scale have to rise as well. With these healthy alternatives to ice cream, your taste buds will be satisfied, without a load of extra calories. Children will also find these treats appealing. They might even be easier on some sensitive tummies, which can be extra sensitive during an extra hot heat wave. So break out the blender, ice and frozen yoghurt, and enjoy!x



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  1. I shall have to tell my daughter about this book. My Granddaughter is teething and it looks like they’ll be plenty in there to help her with this and weaning too. Many thanks.

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