Meet Blizz…A Crate Creature! Lucas was asked if he would like to be sent* one of the creatures to see what he thinks of it. There are 4 Crate Creatures to collect, Blizz, Pudge, Sizzle and Snorthog. Lucas was sent Blizz who like him, loves to have an ice lolly!


Crate Creatures review


As the name suggests, the creatures come in their own crate and you use the crowbar to pop the lock and open the crate to get your creature out.


Crate Creatures review


They are recommended for age 3 and over but the crate says age 4+ which completely threw Lucas and although he had a play with Blizz and likes him, he wants him to be put away now until he is 4 as he keeps saying he’s not old enough for him!


Crate Creatures review


When you pull the creatures tongue, he makes noises, vibrates and his eyes start to glow. There is a motion sensor inside them that reacts when they are upside down, lying down or knocked over.



You can also record a message up to 10 seconds long and the creature will play it back and they have plenty to say for themselves with over 45 creature sounds. Each creature comes with their favourite food, Blizz with an ice lolly and they make chomping sounds when the food is placed in their mouth.


Crate creatures review


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  1. I havent seen Crate Creatures before, they look lots of fun for little ones. Popping the crate open to get them out sounds great. I’m sure my nephews would love these, I’ll have to remember them for birthdays.

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