It’s so hard to keep up with the toys and phases that come and go. Lucas wants absolutely everything he see’s but really enjoys smaller toys that he can collect, build up a collection and look forward to getting the next one. There are a few collectables on the market at moment that seem to be popular


Slugterra toys are based from the Canadian TV series. There are an abundance of slug characters to collect to keep your little one busy for a while

5 Surprise

5 Surprise is a blind capsule with 5 sections of treats. There are over 150 toys to collect from mini figurines, key rings and quirky playthings. Check out a review here


Hatchimals are cute little eggs that you help to hatch by rubbing the heat sensitive heart until it changes colour and then you can remove the shell. Inside each egg is a plastic bird or hybrid animal. Check out a review here


SuperZings are small rubbery blind bag collectibles. They are brightly coloured everyday objects such as a watering can or tennis racket. They can either be superheroes or super villains. All the characters have their own arch enemies, for example a hero tomato is paired with a villain tomato ketchup bottle. Read a review here

Num Noms

Num Noms are a fab collectable surprise toy that is able to make children use their senses in their play. The cuddly toy is soft and fun to play with along with the smell to allow you to guess the scent. The jars have multiple uses so have dual purposes and with so many to collect the fun never ends. As well as the jars, there are smaller blind bags that contain items such as erasers, lip glosses and stamps. Read a review of the Num Num jar here


Mashems are blind capsules containing a squishy character. Lucas has collected all of one series of Thomas and Friends and some of the Peppa Pig ones and some of one of the Paw Patrol series. Lucas loves the Thomas ones and has added them to his Thomas and Friends collection and plays with them when he plays with the rest of the trains.
6 collectible toys your kids will love

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