Peppa tablet, microphone and phone


Lucas has been sent* 3 items from the Learn with Peppa range and we also have a Peppa’s smart tablet to give away to one lucky reader. Enter using the app at the end.


Lucas playing on the Peppa tablet


Peppa’s smart tablet has six games to encourage learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and musical instruments. The touch sensitive screen makes exploration fun and easy to follow. Peppa lights up and asks questions.

There are various instruments on the top line of the tablet, when you press it, it plays the instruments sound, if you press it again, it says the colour of the instrument.

One the line of numbers, if you press it says the number, when you press it a second time, it tell you the shape that the number is in.

On the row of letters, once you press the letter it says the phonetic pronunciation of the first letter and press again for the name of the letter.

For the line of characters you press the character and it will say the name of the character and when you press again, it will make the sound of the character.

The line of muddy puddles is identifying colours and press the music notes to hear funny sounds.


Lucas singing into the Peppa microphone


Peppa’s sing and learn microphone has two modes of play: Quiz Time, when Peppa will test your child’s observation and listening skills. Peppa asks questions to help your child recognise colours, phonics, instruments and characters. To answer, you press the true or false buttons or twist the top of the microphone to the correct answer.

The Sing-Along, where they can pick one of seven songs from the show to sing along with Peppa, or music only versions to sing over by themselves. Songs include: Recycling song, Bing bong song, Birdy woof woof, Big Balloon, Train song, Rainbow song and Wheels on the bus. The stable base means the microphone can stand up as you sing and dance!


Lucas crouching down holding the Peppa phone to his ear


Peppa’s flip and learn phone is one of the toys, I didn’t think Lucas would be interested in as he likes to play on real phones so I thought this would be passed back to me saying its for a baby. However, Lucas has been playing with it and will often, wander off with it to make a phone call. You can dial the multi-coloured buttons to listen to Peppa and other favourite characters respond including Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat! Play along with Peppa’s fun quiz and use the number keys to answer. You can even pretend to take photos with the camera button. It also features a light-up screen, fun sound effects and the Peppa theme tune.


Peppa Tablet


Learn with Peppa. Peppa Pig Toys that encourage learning of letters, phonics, colours and shapes #Learnwithpeppa


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  1. My granddaughter loves Peppa and there are some great toys for her to enjoy and learn from in this article

  2. Joseph has the phone and loves it! I’m sure he would love the tablet too, it sounds like it does loads of great things and there is lots for them to learn from it. X

  3. This would be perfect for my 3 year old, she is non verbal and loves peppa pig, perfect for helping her to develop her imagiontive play

  4. I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who loves Peppa and a 11 month old girl who, i’m sure, will love Peppa too! Fingers crossed, cheers guys! Very generous of you!

  5. My daughter is obsessed with Peppa! She got the phone for her birthday last week so I’m sure she would love the tablet too.x

  6. my 1 year old grandson Oliver is crazy about peppa pig and gets all excited when we watch him together

  7. My youngest granddaughter adores Pepper and her naughty brother George so she would love Santa to bring her these

  8. My niece would love this. She peppa pig mad and is always trying to use everyone’s phones and tablets

  9. I know how much these keep little ones entertained because my friend has one for her son. When Leo saw it he was fascinated and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

  10. Pepper Pig runs constantly on my tv at home (drives me mad!) so I’m sure this Peppa Pig smart tablet would be a huge hit with my daughter

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