Lucas was sent* a Weekend Box last week which is a fortnightly or monthly subscription box, aimed at children 3-8 years old. The boxes are posted on Tuesdays with the aim of them being delivered Fridays but in some exceptional circumstances it may be Saturday. They are delivered through the letterbox so you don’t need to worry about being in to receive it.


Children’s subscription box for only £1. 4 envelopes with each activity in it


Each box contains all the materials and instructions you need to make various activities over the weekend (or some of the Summer holidays). There is a new theme every fortnight with something to make, bake and explore.


Children’s subscription box for only £1. Coloured paper, glue stick, string, the mask template to make the parrot mask


There is also collectable stickers for the loyalty chart in the box, a colouring activity, a comic strip to complete, encouraging the child to use their imagination and a completion certificate.


Children’s subscription box for only £1 A plastic bottle cut open with peat and small seedlings coming through


The activities in Lucas’ box included oat and raisin cookies, a parrot mask, a rainforest and a raindrop sun catcher.


Children’s subscription box for only £1 The colouring activity, shoes to colour then cut out to learn tying shoe laces


The cookies were perfect for Lucas to make, he is really independent and loved being able to chop the banana up himself before mushing it and adding the raisins and oats. As it was such a simple recipe he could then stir it up and put on the baking tray so needed minimal help from me. The cookies also tasted amazing so we will be making these again as it’s a bonus that they contain 2 types of fruit!


Children’s subscription box for only £1. Lucas is sharpening the crayon so the wax falls onto wax paper


Lucas and D made the rainforest whilst I was out and loved doing it together and it’s been great watching the peat grow and seeing the progress of the ‘rainforest’.


Children’s subscription box for only £1. The sun catcher hung up on the window


Lucas took the box to his Grandparents to make the sun catcher which again, he enjoyed sharpening the crayon himself onto the wax paper and then Grandma helped him with the ironing and cutting.

We still need to make the parrot mask and that’s on this weekends activity plans.




The boxes retail at £8.95 including delivery which I think is fab value for 4 activities. Lucas has really enjoyed making everything and loved that the box was posted with his name on. If you want to try it out, get your first box here for only £1 x

Weekend box review, Children’s subscription box for only £1

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