A while ago, I was very lucky to be whisked off to London to be treated* to a gel manicure, back massage and afternoon tea by Bio Sculpture. Up to this, I hadn’t heard of them before.

Bio Sculpture started in 1988 by Elmein in South Africa who couldn’t find any premium nail polishes that didn’t damage the natural nail. She took it upon herself to create one, consulting with the best scientists in their respective fields and applying the latest technologies available.

Bio Sculpture came into the UK 20 years ago and now consists of over 200 colours, a gel pot formula and a gel in a bottle like ordinary varnish would be. Unlike your usual gel polishes, Bio Sculpture is 100% medical grade gel. They last on the nails for approximately 3 weeks and best of all, they soak off within 15 minutes without damaging the nail.

The nails don’t require dehydration or any excess buffing before application, it is also free of bonders and primers. The gels are strictly animal cruelty free and vegan.

I was offered* to complete the Bio Sculpture beginners course which I couldn’t wait to get started. This course is suitable for those who have never done any beauty training, starting completely from scratch, perfect for those wanting a career change, work suitable for fitting around family etc.


Train to be a nail technician in just 3 days!


Day one – manicure training

We learnt about Bio Sculpture, the company and the product ranges. We learnt about the nail anatomy as well as nail diseases and disorders for both hands and feet. After this, we went onto learning how to prepare the hand and nails for a manicure, nail plate analysis, techniques for filing the nails, opening the cuticle etc. From there we went into which base coats are best for which nail type, the correct way to brush on polish and a French manicure. We practised on each other as we each had a partner and also onto a washing up glove we had taken filled with rice and nail tips glued on.

Day two – gel introduction training

We went over the nail preparation again and was taught about the types of gels available to use as there are various strengths, depending on what you want to use it for and the nail type. We were taught how to apply the gel with various techniques as a solid colour, shimmer and a French manicure.

Day three – gel nail training

We went over everything we did on day two to ensure our techniques where correct and where we needed to alter things. We had plenty of practice on each other and our washing up gloves.


Train to be a nail technician in just 3 days!


After the three days training, we were given six weeks to practice before our assessment. For the assessment there is a written test and the practical demonstrations. I was sent a link to my written test to complete online at home. Once this was done, the results where sent to head office and my tutor could also access the results. For the practical part, I had to take a model with me, who’s nails I had given a gel overlay to 2-3 weeks previous. These nails where assessed on how they were growing out then I was assessed on removing them, my preparation of the nail afterwards for a new overlay and then the overlay with a colour overlay, French overlay, shimmer overlay and a silk repair. (That is the 3 day course assessment). I also paid extra to do my lengthening training (one day) so within the overlay assessment I also had to show how to lengthen using the gel, tips and an infill.

I’m pleased to say that I passed and I am really enjoying my new venture. It’s lovely to have a career that I can fit around children and also be able to take it wherever we may move to in the future.

I would completely recommend Bio Sculpture if you are thinking of training, I absolutely love their products and what they stand for. I also loved that my training place only allows 8 students at a time, ensuring that we are taught properly and given full attention.

Bio Sculpture train in Aldershot, Birmingham, Clevedon, Durham, Edinburgh, Ellesmere Port, Jersey, Kirkcaldy, Norfolk, St Albans and Wetherby. Have a look at their training page if you would like more info x

Train to be a nail technician in just 3 days! #beauty #gelnails #vegan #BioSculpture


14 Comments on Train to be a nail technician in just 3 days!

  1. Congratulations on passing and becoming a nail technician! I have had a very bad experience with gel, as the technician had no clue was she was doing and ruined my nails! I am still recovering from that and don’t think I will ever go for gel polish again.

  2. Well done on passing! I would love to be able to do nails on myself, would be so much easier than trailing to a salon all the time! x

  3. I bet you can’t wait to practice and develop your skills. I like how quick but structured the course was for you. Gel nails must have been interesting to learn how to do neatly.

  4. Congratulations, I think I’d need about a year to master something like this and you did in 3 days. Very impressive.

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