What is the single most difficult thing a 30 something female in the UK has to deal with? Supporting their bride-to-be friend with wedding planning of course!

The engagement has happened and the excited celebratory bubbles have been drunk, now it’s time to get the planning started. All those pinterest boards and hours of Instagram scrolling are now going to be put to good use. But wait, before all of that fun, fluffy stuff the basics need to be ticked off. Finding the perfect wedding venue is top of the list and reality kicks in…where the heck do you start?!

My best friend want to get married in 2021, it’s been decided that Iceland is going to be the destination for the hen do and she would like a festival themed wedding somewhere not too far from where she lives in Lancashire but other than that, we are clueless.

Thankfully, I’ve stumbled across WeddingBooker.com. It’s a website that quite frankly is a much-needed game changer in the wedding venue market. If you’ve seen anyone plan a wedding, you will have seen how stressful it can be, it does seem to be up there with the stress of selling a house!

Where do you start? We all know finding the wedding venue is the first thing to do and before I had to actually help friends in this venue finding process I would have assumed it’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s really not! You quickly enter into a mind-boggling game of how many tabs can your computer screen have open and how much information can your brain actually store, process and organise.

There are some big wedding websites out there that feature wedding venues but you have to sift through a million other wedding related suppliers (cakes, cars, flowers etc.) to get there and often they are overwhelming and distracting at that early stage of planning. Also, they don’t seem to show all the wedding venues in your area, it’s often just a handful of venues and ones that aren’t very diverse.

So, like I mentioned before, when I came across WeddingBooker, I did a happy dance! Like buying a house, you go onto RightMove and scroll through pretty much all the houses up for sale in your area, you can do the same but with wedding venues. Genius!

WeddingBooker has the largest list of all licensed wedding venues in the UK which means you get a fantastic variety of venues to look through. The best thing though is that it is simple and all in one place, you just type in your area in the search bar along with a search radius and all the licensed wedding venues come up. There’s a price and availability request button on all the venues which makes contacting them super simple and quick. I’ve already done a quick search for my friend and have seen wedding venues that I didn’t know existed.

I am looking forward to showing my friend the website and can see a light at the end of the tunnel, well at least for the venue finding stage, let’s not even think about the rest of it yet.


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  1. As a wedding coordinator I feel your pain. It’s hard to find the right tools for the job but having seen weddingbooker you’re definitely on to a winner. Good luck!

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