If you are running a small business, you almost certainly need to have a point of sale machine. This device will help you to accept credit card payments, manage inventory and track sales. Shopping around for the right setup can help you to accept credit cards with no monthly fee, organise your business better and more. Between the Clover Mini and the Booker POS, which is better for a restaurant?

The Clover Mini

The Clover Mini POS is a small and sleek countertop device using the Clover 2.0 POS software. The Mini has a touch screen and fits neatly onto a counter or service station. It can be used to accept magnetic stripe and chip cards. Additionally, there are options for contactless cards, NFC phone payments and more.

Perhaps the Clover Mini’s best feature, however, is its software. Clover 2.0 is highly customisable with options for a wide variety of businesses. So, you can set it up to work perfectly for food service with table management, bill splitting, order management and more. Alternatively, it can be set up to work for an inventory-based retail operation. The customisability helps to ensure that the Clover Mini is always right for you.

You can manage your reservations easily from the Clover Mini. Additionally, you can take customer signatures directly on the touch screen.

Many businesses choose the Clover Mini over its bigger cousin, the Station, because it can fit in smaller spaces. It can work great for a food truck, quick-serve restaurant or a sit-down restaurant.

The Booker POS

Alternatively, you could consider the Booker POS. It is a contactless POS machine that can accept a variety of payment types.

Booker is primarily aimed at businesses that maintain an appointment calendar. This makes it ideal for salons and spas. It can also be helpful for restaurants that have significant reservations, especially for specific tables.

Interestingly, Booker comes with a Clover Mini for accepting credit card payments. Alternatively, it can be used with a traditional credit card terminal. In either case, the key benefits from the Booker software come from its marketing and appointment-setting tools.

The Verdict

Overall, both of these options are great, and your business will be well-served with either. The Clover Mini and Clover 2.0 are probably the best bet for most restaurants. However, Booker can be very powerful when used in the right situation.

Consider the specific features that will fit your restaurant. Not every food service business is the same. You may find the Booker’s contact list and marketing tools valuable, for example. Alternatively, you may love the small size and flexibility of the Cover Mini. The decision should be based on your unique needs.

Learn More

Discover more about what these and other point of sale systems can offer. Finding the right one for your business can help you to ensure the long-term success of your restaurant. So, it is worth the time investment to research the best solution for your business. When you are ready, find the right credit card processing partner with Clover Mini or Booker POS for your business.


Clover Mini VS Booker Credit Card Machine. Shopping around can help you accept credit cards with no monthly fee


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