Discover tips and tricks to decorate your home for autumn and celebrate the changing of the season.

The crispness of the air, the colours of the leaves and the deep blue of the sky all make autumn an incredible time of the year where Mother Nature seems to be exploding in beauty everywhere. Of course bringing that liveliness and beauty into the home is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and give a home a little boost.

Use the following tips and tricks to bring fall into your home in ways that will wow and impress guests.

Let Mother Nature In

Find ways to collect bits of nature and display them in a home. There are so many ways to take actual bits of nature and transform them into elements of home decorating elements. Consider using a branch as a curtain rod, frame leaves and create artwork for the season, fill a vase with acorns and use as a centerpiece. Look at everyday natural items in a different way to see how they can be used as decorative touches. These are fab ways to update your room on a budget.

Colourful Changes

Obviously autumn is about a colourful change in seasons, even those places that don’t experience an obvious colour change the season still celebrates the oranges, rusts, browns and golds. Look for ways to incorporate these colours into the home for the autumn season. Accessories such as blankets, rugs, pillows, table linens and artwork are easy ways to bring in seasonal colour. Larger ways to adapt to the season include bedding, painting, wallpapered accent walls and new window treatments. Do a clean sweep of the accessories and then look for ways to incorporate fall colors in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Bring it to the Table

As autumn approaches many homes adjust their menus as well. The light summer fare is replaced by more hearty stock and fresh berries give way to roasts and pumpkin pie. Reflect this change in seasonal diet by giving the table a touch of the season as well. Changing table linens and centerpieces are an obvious and very easy way to decorate a kitchen and dining room for the fall.

People who entertain a lot during this season may want to take it a step further and purchase inexpensive tableware that reflects the fall atmosphere. Again, artwork can be changed to reflect the season and many people enjoy creating little displays featuring pumpkins, broom corn, gourds, and leaves.

Throughout the House

To really create an effective interior decorating scheme that reflects the season you have to carry it throughout the house, not just focused in one room. Use repetition to your advantage to tie each room together and create a fall color flow. Think about the home as a single unit rather than individual rooms and discover ways to bring autumn decorating ideas to each space in a unifying manner.


Autumn decorating ideas


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  1. Some fabulous ideas here, and I agree Autumn is such a beautiful season and it is only right to bring the colours inside. I love changing my drapes, cushions to follow the season and having some authumn themed scented candles as well helps

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