Kitchen gadgets can be one of the most helpful items in a kitchen. However, finding just what you need at a specific time can turn into a treasure hunt if you don’t have some type of organised way of storing all of those gadgets. There are various ways to create an organisational system. Factors such as the type of storage space you have in the kitchen, the amount of counter space you have and your budget can affect the organisational method you choose. However, you can make your kitchen fit for the whole family with some simple steps.

Drawer organisers

In an ideal world, having drawer organisers made that will accommodate your gadgets and your drawer space would be the ultimate organisational system. If you ever plan to remodel or update your kitchen, this is a luxury you should allow yourself.

Categorise your gadgets

If you are living in a situation where you must devise a method of organising your kitchen gadgets based on the space you have available, you still have a variety of options. To make the organisational process easier, it helps if you separate your gadgets into categories such as “frequently used,” “sometimes used” and “seldom used.” Get rid of anything that falls into the category of “Why do I even have that?”

Storage boxes

You can store the seldom-used gadgets in a clear storage box. You can put that box in a cabinet, pantry or closet. Reducing the number of gadgets you have to find space for is a good first step in the organisational process.

Trays and drawers

Look at the gadgets you have to organise. Invest in some drawer organisers if you can find some that fit your drawer. As an alternative to an organiser, you can purchase several individual trays of varying sizes and use them to separate the gadgets in a drawer.

Silverware caddy

A silverware caddy can be placed on your kitchen counter and used to neatly store a variety of kitchen gadgets. A collection of vases, pitchers or decorative cans with various size openings can be arranged on the counter to serve as holders for gadgets. You might prefer to use a collection of wicker baskets for a more casual or country kitchen.

In situations where drawer space is limited and counter space minimal, you may have to resort to some creative ways to organise your kitchen gadgets. You can hang pegboard on the wall and use that area to organise your kitchen gadgets. For the items you use often, you might want to hang them from hooks attached to the bottom of your upper cabinets. If you are using wall shelves to gain extra storage space in a small kitchen, you can add hooks for your kitchen gadgets to the wall shelf.

Now you’ve got your kitchen organised, make the most of it by treating yourself to a cake, check out the infographic below on the baking times for different sized cake pans


how to organise kitchen gadgets


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  1. I am so unorganised that all my utensils are stuffed in a cupboard!! I love the infographic though, lots of great and very helpful info.

  2. Drawer organisers and boxes are my favourite way to organise kitchen cupboards. I can’t wait to have a proper pantry and loads of clear plastic containers full of everything I need x

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