Last Sunday Lucas and I went into Ribérac for a fun day that was happening. It was actually on all weekend, the leaflet came home in Lucas’ school bag so we thought we would check it out. There was lots of Lego and Duplo set out on tables to play with. A huge display of Playmobil set up and tables of board games to borrow and play together. There were several computers with games to play and volunteers around the place to help. We built Lego and moved on to making a dolphin with Hama beads which Lucas has proudly hung above his bed. We also made some Halloween crafts which we have placed beside the fire. Outside the hall, there were lots of old wooden games for people to play. It was a lovely day and everything except keeping the Hama bead plaque was free so great to encourage the community to get together x


Lucas colouring in the card inner of a toilet roll

Lucas making a Hama bead dolphin

Lucas playing an outdoor wooden game

Lucas building Duplo

Lucas throwing a ring on the outside game


6 Comments on The ordinary moments #45

  1. What a really fun idea. That sort of thing my kids love. I wish we had something like that locally to us. Sounds like you are all settling in well!

    Slightly late to last weeks #mysundaysnapshot sorry!

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