Thinking of the next big present to keep your child entertained from boredom? There is a range of different play equipment suitable for children of all ranges. Below are some of our favourites that are sure to be a big hit as gifts on that special day.

Children’s Bikes

Bikes have been one of the most popular forms of play equipment over the last few decades. Not only are they a lot of fun but, they also are versatile tools, allowing children to explore new areas, or socialise together in riding groups.

Just remember that safety should always be a priority, especially if your child is going bike riding unsupervised. This includes safety gear such as helmets and proper clothing. Make certain that they know the road rules and limit night-time riding when visibility is poor. Whether you are shopping for a boy or a girl, there is a bike design and colour to suit every child. View the stylish range at Vuly Play today.


An iconic piece of outdoor play equipment, the trampoline has provided hours of fun in the garden of many children over the years. Of course, they also have been responsible for a range of injuries, from falling through springs to landing awkwardly after a bounce.

Thankfully, trampolines have come a long way, with most modern designs built to eliminate the accidents of the past. A circular design is now often used providing a more stable bounce. It also allows for safety netting to encompass the trampoline, keeping children away from exposed springs or bouncing wildly onto the ground.

Trampolines are also a good source of exercise, working the core muscle groups, while also helping to develop balance and coordination. This makes them a fantastic choice for children with a lot of pent up energy to burn.

Swing & Playsets

Swings and playsets come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your children. While older style playsets can become rust buckets over time, newer sets are often galvanised and rustproof, making certain they stay safe and looking good.

When considering a playset, it’s important that you check you have enough space for assembly. Keep in mind you’ll also need adequate clearance space above and around swings.

Water Slides

If the weather is heating up and you have a garden with plenty of space, a water slide is going to be a sure-fire winner with your children and their friends.

Some water slides simply lay down on the ground, others have wading pools included and require more room. Most are inflatable though, so make sure you have an appropriate air blower, so installation doesn’t become a headache.

Cubby Houses

Studies have shown that it can be beneficial for children to have their own space. Cubby houses are ideal for this purpose, a place where children can relax and read, or enjoy imaginary playtime.

Like most of the play equipment in this list, cubby houses come in different shapes and sizes. Some sit on the ground, in a traditional house shape, while others are little more unorthodox, such as a treehouse.

Keep in mind you don’t need to buy a pre-made cubby house – a local trip to the hardware store to pick up a few materials, and you can often put something together yourself.


Play Equipment for Bored Children. A range of different play equipment suitable for children of all ages from bikes, tampolines & cubby houses


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  1. We have all of the above and I agree, they are great options for bored kids. My youngest often goes straight outdoors when she gets bored and she has plenty of things to keep her entertained.

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