Wooden floors can look elegant and timeless, but maintaining can be hard work. When you look after them properly though, they can last for decades, and today, most natural wood flooring that’s commercially available is reasonably durable too.

So whether you already have natural wood flooring in your home or are planning to get it as a re-do, here’s a bit of help your way. Read on to discover 5 super effective tips and tricks to take care of wood flooring.

Wipe Spills Quickly

One of the most crucial maintenance tips to note when it comes to taking care of wooden floors is to clean up any sort of spills immediately. Use a dry or a slightly damp cloth to do it, because the more you let the spill stay wet, the more damage it will cause. Another thing to remember is that the temperature of your home should ideally be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help improve the life of your wooden floors.

Pick the Right Cleaning Product

A lot of us make mistakes with this one, using your regular cleaning products is an absolute no-no when it comes to wooden floors. It is also important to remember that different finishes require different cleaning products, so you might want to speak to your flooring manufacturer to understand which cleaning product could be best suited for your flooring type.

Vacuum Regularly

Another important aspect to remember when it comes to caring for your natural wood flooring is that you need to keep the debris off the floor and vacuum regularly. If you don’t, and you walk on the floor with the pieces on the floor, you’re basically causing mini scratches to appear on its surface, which will, over the time, ruin your floor’s finish.

Having a no-shoes rule in your home might also help.

Use Furniture Pads

Now you know how it is super important to reduce the scratches on your floor’s surface, you might also be concerned about the inevitable scratches from the bottom of tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture. A good way to tackle them is to use furniture pads and add them to the legs of your sofas and other furniture.

Recoat Before it is Too Late

Last, but definitely not the least, make sure you give your wooden floor a recoat once you feel it is starting to wear down. You don’t necessarily have to sand the floor before a recoat, just another coat of finish should be just fine. This little process can really keep your wooden floor looking its best, and can also increase its life.


Tips to Take Care of Natural Wood Flooring. When you look after natural wood flooring properly they can last for decades and look beautiful


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  1. I am so appreciating these tips right now as we just bought a home with hardwood floors. I am so excited about it versus carpet but I will have some rugs down. Thank you again and bookmarking!

  2. These are so useful especially as we’re getting new flooring in our apartment. Vacuuming regularly is a must, it gets so dusty.

  3. These are some great tip. Natural wood looks lovely in a home but you really do need to take good care of it.

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