As the space where you can close the door and shut out the world, your home is the place you can really relax, unwind and express yourself. This means that you want your home to look and feel amazing.

Embracing the latest interior design trends can update your home, making it feel fresh and inviting. But when you have a family, it’s not always that easy.

Rather than redecorating, hang a new pair of Direct Blinds curtains, to provide an instant lift. Here are the styles you need for 2018.

Rich Earth-Inspired Colour

Last year was all abut pastels and while they’re still popular, it’s deeper earth tones that are 2018’s must-have colours. When choosing your new curtains, to be on trend and make your home feel warmer, choose Mediterranean inspired shades with a twist, such as blush, walnut, rust, olive and warm-grey tones.

Go Dark and Moody

Black and grey are two of this year’s biggest colour trends for the home – 2018 is all about strong pigments. However, the idea of using black in your interior may make you feel nervous, as it’s a severe colour for a feature wall. That’s why curtains are the perfect choice. Embrace the trend and add a dark accent with onyx, charcoal or dark grey.

Shimmer with Metallics

In 2017, interiors were covered in copper. This year, it seems designers are gaga for gold. Metallics are huge for 2018, so no matter which tone you choose for your curtains, your home will be on-trend. Go for brass or copper shades for a real impact or, choose pearl and champagne tones for a subtler effect.

Tropical and Botanicals

Florals always look beautiful in the home but this year, they’ve been revamped with a jungle vibe. Although a botanical printed wallpaper can look incredible, it’s a bold statement that’s not for everyone. Instead, tropical inspired curtains can add a new twist to your interior. Choose botanical prints with hints of green, yellow and blue.

Window Treatments with Texture

Luxe is a big trend for 2018 and it’s no secret that layering textures can make any interior feel more expensive. Although you may already do this with cushions and throws on your bed or sofa, make sure to add some texture to your windows, too. Choose velvet and suede for a luxury feel, or a heavy weave for a Scandinavian look.

Your home can be quickly and easy transformed by updating the soft furnishings. Give your home a boost with these 2018 curtain trends.


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11 Comments on Interior Design Trends: Update Your Curtains for 2018

  1. The right curtains always brighten up the room, intact I have two curtains (purple and black) to help lift the room. I certainly agree with all of your advice.

  2. Apparently my step mum used to have her front room done in a tropical theme from the curtains to a matching sofa. This was back in the 80’s though, and she got it changed when my step brother started calling it the jungle room. I told her it was back in fashion now, but she wasn’t sure she would have the theme back again! Lots of lovely curtain inspiration here, thank you! 🙂

  3. Love getting new curtains, it just brightens up the room so much and bring a lot of character into it. We only recently changed ours, so will take these pointers into account when we change it next.

  4. I have just got new curtains in my bedroom, but have gone for a plain cream as I wanted to have something neutral. I would love to go with trends.

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