Back in 2016, Lucas was sent a Baby Annabell brother doll which he loved but wasn’t strong enough to pick up properly. I gave it to one of his friends who has taken care of ‘boy’ (haha so imaginative with his name!) since but when Zapf Creation offered* me a Baby Born Interactive Doll to take part in their babysitting campaign I knew Lucas would absolutely love to take part and that he was a better age to do so.



When Lucas opened the box up and saw her he was seriously happy, saying thank you for his baby! He was over the moon when he continued to the next package and found a pram for her. We asked him what he was going to name her and he chose Pink (again, not the most imaginative of names). He has since regularly sung songs to her including her name which is pretty cute to watch.


Baby Born Interactive Doll Lucas is walking down the street wearing a blue coat and. Grey jogging pants pushing the blue and pink dolls pram


The Interactive Doll came in a box complete with a body and hat, a plate and spoon, a portion of porridge, a bottle, a potty, a nappy, a dummy and dummy chain, a birth certificate and a friendship bracelet for both the child and the doll.


Baby Born Interactive Doll Lucas is asleep on his back in bed wearing blue thomas the tank engine pyjamas whilst the Doll is asleep next to him, both of them under silver bedding


The doll is perfect for little ones to take responsibility as she has lifelike functions which boosts the imagination and supports the development of social skills and values such communication and empathy.


Lucas I say up over the Doll changing her nappy


She can drink from her bottle, eat her porridge, she can wee (you can use the potty or buy more nappies) by clicking her belly button, she can move her arms, legs and head, she can cry real tears and close her eyes to go to sleep. She doesn’t contain any batteries either so she can be fully submerged in water for a nice bath too. If you do bath her, do be aware that water may creep out of her arms, legs, eyes etc. I kept her wrapped up in a towel for a while and gave her a shake (out of Lucas’ sight) to get the excess water out as it did leak. It was more than worth it though, seeing how Lucas was so careful and loving when he bathed her.


Babu Born Interactive Doll Lucas is sat over the Doll who is in her carry seat as Lucas fastens the straps


We were also sent pyjamas, shoes and pack of nappies which Lucas has been saying when she needs a change. We also got a travel seat that works as a pram, a carry seat and a car seat. Absolute genius, it doesn’t take over the place, you don’t have to have multiple accessories and Lucas would rather not go out in the car anymore as he needs to ‘walk my baby’ and off he struts pushing Pink along with him.

It has been so lovely watching Lucas naturally look after her, he genuinely wants to make sure she’s ok and not left alone, wherever he goes, he wants her to go to x


Baby Born Interactive Doll from Zapf Creation. The doll has 9 lifelike functions, perfect for varied role play encouraging children to have responsibility



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  1. Aww he’s so sweet with his baby. Blake has started playing with dolls at preschool so we got him a cheap doll at home. I do think he would like this one though.

  2. I remember I used to love having baby dolls! I had an interactive doll when I was a kid too, but in hindsight it was so realistic it was a bit creepy! I am glad he likes his toy!

  3. This is the second time this week I’ve seen the baby born interactive doll and I stand by my opinion. It’s a very sweet way to prepare an older sibling for the birth of a new baby coming.

  4. Sounds like the perfect gift for kids. It’s also a good gift for those who are about to welcome a new sibling in the world, it will help them understand better what it’s like to have a sibling. Love it!

  5. I wonder if he was naming his cute baby born ‘Pink’ after the colour or the singer haha! But I am so pleased that he was so taken with his new doll and pram!

  6. He looks so cute with the doll. I find children learn more about interacting with others if they have a doll of their own and these Baby Born dolls are so perfect for that.

  7. Aww I remember that doll from when I was a kid, and I had the same reaction as Lucas. He’s adorable with that doll.

  8. Seems like a lovely doll. Perhaps I could get it for little man in order to prepare him for the arrival of his baby brother.

  9. Oh wow, I am loving this doll and can only imagine how much Lucas is loving the baby. I know my nephew would love this baby for sure

  10. I’ve never really decided if these dolls are a good idea or if they’re really creepy.. In any case it makes me very happy seeing a little boy playing with a doll 🙂 He does look like he’s having fun!

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