Whether you are looking to do some serious changes to your home or just refresh for the new year, I have been looking at what people are talking about when it comes to home trends for 2019


Concealed storage is great in any room of the house but in the kitchen especially when you have so many pots, pans, food items etc to store away. Elle mention that concealed and clean integration in kitchen designs, with maximised and clever storage solutions are a great investment as it will help you hide everything away neatly and will appeal to future buyers if you are thinking of selling. Pewter and gunmetal for fixtures and fittings are fab as they’re not as harsh as matte black but it gives fixtures some texture and depth. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents. Continuing with the colours, don’t be scared of stepping away from the clean, crisp, white kitchen. Add some colour in to make a statement, whether that is with a bold colour for the kettle and toaster, the light fittings or colourful breakfast bar stools. Digital technology will continue to drive innovations in the kitchen, giving homeowners ever more specific home appliances targeted to their tastes. Wifi-enabled espresso makers can prepare your morning cappuccino before you even get out of bed, and wine technology is evolving from big wine fridges to restaurant-quality single pour preservation systems.  If you want to take some inspiration from the celebrities, check out this article by Fishpool who have covered some beautiful ideas from Courtney Cox, Cher and Ellen Degeneres’.

Living room

Decor Aid say sectioning your living room using furniture to create a multi-functional and multi-aspect living space. Living room interior design is all about making the best use of the space you have available to you (be it small or large) and sectioning the space with furniture is a great way to do this. Compact side tables are great for freeing up space in a living room while giving you the surface space and functionality you need. Nesting tables are great if you don’t have a lot of space. They can be easily stored away and brought out when you have someone visiting to giove you the space you need. When it comes to small living room interior design, going tonal is a great way to make the area appear larger, more defined, and best of all, it makes decorating your living room much easier as there is less room for error. Accessorise with gold, silver, and bronze being worked into the designs, as well as interesting geometric shapes. Consider warm blankets thrown over the sofas and a detailed rug beneath your coffee table to give that soft, rustic appeal.


Essential Home are mentioning concrete walls for the bedroom. There’s beauty in combining rough concrete walls with vivid modern furniture and light colours, the contrast makes it irresistible. Grey with splashes of colour is also meant to be big this year too, as well as bright accessories and pictures over white walls which I do think looks really effective. If you are looking for something bolder, look for pieces that make a statement for themselves, creative tiling and geometric patterns with a wide array of colours to create something that feels out of this world.

Loft conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to expand the room you have in your house without having to move homes and can add value to your home when you do want to sell. I love the idea of having the loft as a bohemian space. Wooden flooring, patterned textiles and hipster artwork.  Bohemian style is timeless, but update this classic look for 2019 with contemporary twists like exposed lightbulbs and swinging chairs.

Statement staircase

Whether you fancy a zig zag staircase which look great in multiple storey houses or a soft curved one to give an airier, more spacious feel, a staircase needn’t be just the stairs. Make a statement with it and a real feature of your house. Staircases can now be as bespoke as your imagination with an array of materials and looks and a staircase renovation can transform your home.


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  1. I am looking at new kitchens right now, and all of the designs I like have everything hidden away which I love. I just don’t want it to get to the stage where I open a cupboard and everything falls out though! 😀

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