I’ve previously mentioned that we are wanting to sort the house out to put it up for sale. We have been thinking about getting new carpets but then got thinking about whether another type of flooring might be more appealing to a new buyer. I’ve been researching and found that the flooring really can change the look of a room completely. Here’s what I’ve learnt…


  • Decide the colour scheme you would want your room to have and note down the colour of your main pieces of furniture and the walls, and pick something that complements that colour scheme.
  • For smaller rooms, it is best to stick to lighter colours, it tends to make the room appear bigger. If you have a huge room you’re planning to redecorate, having darker colours may make sense, it can make the room appear cozy.
  • Earth colours have become extremely popular, but before you take the plunge, make sure you check if it goes along with the colour scheme of your room.
  • Solid Wood floors are great if you’re looking to add that rustic and earthy feel to your room, but if you’re into the minimalistic and clean ideas, vinyl floors would be a good option.
  • Laminate floors are another good choice, they are considered to be replicas of hardwood floors and are scratch free and resistant as well.
  • Engineered wood flooring is an attractive alternative to a solid wood flooring. The flooring is composed of multiple layers of timber that are glued together. The planks are much thinner than solid wood and have greater stability due to the layered materials. Engineered flooring is usually made up of three layers consisting a hardwood veneer at the top visible section of the flooring and the core board is made up of either one or two layers of plywood which are bonded together under intense pressure to create a dense insulating material. The layers of timber run in different directions which reduce the opportunity for buckling and twisting.
  • To add some texture and a pop of colour to your room, you can also invest in some mats or rugs. The Land of Rugs have an abundance to choose from to suit all budgets and taste.


Floors are literally the foundation of your home, and once you make the change, you’ll be surprised at how much it changes the look and feel of your room, even before you bring your furniture back into it. When you are looking at purchasing the flooring, don’t overlook your local trade centre such as  C & W Berry  as many welcome DIYers as much as they do professionals and you may find they are cheaper than the usual shops aimed at marketing to novice DIYers. You might even bump into someone you know and there is a lot more of a community feel about it and I am all for supporting the local businesses.


How flooring can completely change a room #homeinteriors



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  1. I can totally relate to this! My last house was a rented property and had old printed carpets on the floors so we requested them to change them and replace them with something better and the house looked so much better after the change!

  2. Absolutely agree! The floor can make or break a room. I personally love carpets for the living room and laminated / wood / tile flooring for the kitchen

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