Love the look of wooden flooring but hate how hard natural wooden flooring is to manage? Engineered flooring can be a great choice for you, you’ll be able to enjoy the look and aesthetic appeal of the wooden floor while still have a lot less maintenance to do.

Before you opt for it, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Keep Durability in Mind

One of the most important things to look for when you’re choosing engineered wood is its durability. Certain options are great if you’re looking to redesign a room or an area that has a lot of possibility of wear and tear, and others are rather delicate and need a fair amount of maintenance too.

Keep that in mind when you’re taking your pick- whether you’re purchasing from a local supplier or from an engineered flooring sale.

Choose the Right Kind For the Right Space

Another important aspect to note when you’re choosing engineered flooring is that you need to pick one that suits the space you’re choosing to redesign. For instance, if you’re redoing your kitchen, you might want to choose oak, which has medium hardness and is great for areas where you need the space to be more tough and resistant to wear and tear. Maple is again a good choice for kitchens and areas that have a lot of foot traffic.

Maintaining the Flooring

Depending on the type and finish you have picked, you’ll need to be careful about the maintenance aspect of engineered floors. However, there are some basic rules that apply to all kinds of engineered floors. For instance, it is always a great idea to vacuum daily, to make sure that there is less friction, and therefore, fewer scratches on the surface of the flooring.

Also, remember to use a damp or dry cloth to wipe any spills on the floor surface. Taking this extra care will ensure that the beauty and life of the floor is maintained for the years to come.

Picking the Right Finish

Regardless of the kind of engineered flooring you’re opting for, one thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the finish. You can opt for boards that are pre-treated, which does reduce the hassle a lot, or just opt to get them finished on-site, deepening on your personal preference.

You’ll find many different finish options, you can choose the one you like depending on how long you’d want the floor to last and the decor of your room. Matte and high gloss finishes are really popular these days, but you might also find a decent semi-gloss option if you’re not sure where to go.


Things to Keep in Mind While Opting For Engineered Flooring. Aesthetic appeal of the wooden floor with a lot less maintenance to do.


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