It’s something many parents know only too well, children pushing buttons they shouldn’t. I leave Lucas in front of Bob the Builder only to return to the room two minutes later and find him watching Nashville, or deleting my favourite recordings from the box. Now TalkTalk finally has a solution with its new Kids TV remote.

TalkTalk kids remote

The first of its kind TV remote offers little ones more control over the content they want to watch and gives them instant access to a new Kids Zone on TalkTalk TV. Not only does this safe viewing zone make it easier for young children to scroll through the shows they love, it also makes it impossible for them to return to normal channels, or recordings, without adult supervision.

As the first provider to offer a remote accessed Kids Zone on its TV service, using the TalkTalk Kids TV remote puts parents in control of the shows they want their kids to watch (or no longer watch), as well as setting friendly bedtime reminders before the TV automatically goes to sleep to help avoid tantrums.

Ergonomically designed for little hands and with easy-to-use navigational controls, the new device will give parents greater peace of mind when their children are watching TV. Lucas loves having his own remote and is quite protective over it!


TalkTalk kids remote


This is an absolute genius idea and I’m surprised someone hasn’t thought of it before…

· The Kids TV remote works completely independently of the main TV remote and once pressed, automatically takes children inside the Kids Zone
· Once inside the Kids Zone, children are not able to return to main TV channels, or access catch-up TV or recordings without a grown-up present to enter a code
· Within the Kids Zone, grown-ups can choose to hide certain shows / series, as well as set bedtimes for when the TV will go to sleep
· An animation will appear on screen giving children advance warning that is nearly bedtime
· Parents are also able to review data such as the hours of TV viewed and which shows their child watches most
· The remote control has numerous built-in sensors, meaning it will work no matter how the child is holding it

A recent report by Ofcom revealed that nine in 10 children are watching TV almost every day, with the largest number sitting in front of the TV at peak family viewing time, 6 – 9pm

Aleks Habdank of TalkTalk TV, said: “TV is such a big part of family life, but we know from speaking to our customers that it’s not always easy to keep tabs on what children are watching. We’re constantly innovating and updating our TV service to make sure that whatever families need, we’ve got it.  We recognise that little hands can cause big trouble, so by giving kids a remote control all of their own, we’re hoping to help the whole family enjoy TV the way they want it”

The remote is also incredibly priced at only £5 which includes batteries. Available to buy from the TalkTalk shop


Talktalk kids remote



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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I hope this becomes a universal product that can be sued across different networks and devices.

  2. I never had this issue but it would be frustrating if my daughter deleted my favourite shows! Buttons are fun for little kids!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! I’m going to have to buy one of these! It’s just such a damn good idea!

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