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Lucas has become an absolute sweet monster, he used to be so good at eating fruit and veg (back in the weaning days) and now any veg put on his plate is either pushed to one side or when he feels like sharing, moved onto my plate! He still likes fruit but if there are sweets in the house, he will hunt them down. Thankfully he does also like savoury snacks but I want to try and encourage him to eat more vegetables within a meal. I love vegetables and have always been more inclined to pick a savoury dish over a sweet dish. I’ve been looking for ways to encourage him to eat vegetables again and one I found was sprinkling a little brown sugar over cooked carrots. Yes, it still involves sweetness but if it gets him back into trying vegetables it is definitely worth a try and so so simple too! Families Online have made a great infographic with some more suggestions, take a look below x




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  1. I think it so important to have kids understand how important it is to eat health. These are all great tips. And rules to go by. Especially the one where it said set an example kids learn from there parents.

  2. When my grandchildren come to visit, we always make smoothies. They’re a great way to sneak greens in. Also, whenever I make a veggie forward meal that I’m not sure they’ll go for, we play a game where they give it a name or arrange the food in a design on their plate. I’m not sure who has more fun, them or me! x

  3. Love this!! Fussy eaters in this house and it drives me nuts… love something one week then decide they don’t the next!! it’s incredibly hard. I need to get meal planning!!

  4. Some really great tips. I’ve been trying to increase the fruit and veg in my son’s diet recently and I think we’re getting there. When we’re eating, I’ll just automatically put some fruit and veg in his hand and nine out of ten times he’ll eat it without thinking. We’ve really cut back on buying biscuits, too….that helps massively. If they’re hungry now the kids will eat fruit or toast, even if it is smothered in honey xx

  5. We eat really healthy meals anyway, but we don’t force food on our children. We have found that by having a small fruit and veg patch in the garden has really helped encourage the boys the eat healthier food.

  6. These are great tips! As a teacher, I find more and more children just don’t have a clue how to look after themselves and it’s quite worrying really! I’ll be sure to drop some of these tips in as hints!

  7. My kids all started off so well with their veggies but now just want chicken nuggets or fish fingers for every meal 🙁

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