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On Saturday we went* to the Trafford Centre to watch In the Night Garden Live. We went last year so I knew what to expect. As you drive into the John Lewis end of the centre, there is a huge showdome on the car park, enabling you to park next to it and also close enough to walk into the Trafford Centre before or after if you wanted to look around the shops or combine it with a meal out.



As we pulled up and Lucas saw all the In the Night Garden banners he became very excited, pointing to go into the dome. The dome is really well set out, as you go in there is a counter selling merchandise and snacks, you can walk through to toilet blocks and a baby changing area. There is plenty of space for prams to manoeuvre. The aisles where you queue to get in are nice and wide – there is nothing worse than being crammed in with babies and toddlers.

As you go into the stage area you choose where you would like to sit, there are no set places. We chose the back row which is where we sat last year. It’s perfect for viewing the show and is spacious for when Lucas gets restless.


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There are 2 shows to choose from, The Ninky Nonk Show and The Pinky Ponk Show. Last year we watched the Ninky Nonk show where Iggle Piggle loses his blanket. This year we watched the Pinky Ponk show where Makka Pakka was washing everyone’s faces but then he lost his sponge! Thankfully, it was found before bedtime.

Lucas loved the show and was mesmerised in places. The show lasts for about 45 minutes and it couldn’t hold his attention for that long but nothing can, if he’s at home watching something, he will be playing with something else as well. It is such a relaxed atmosphere that even with children restless, it doesn’t disturb anything x





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  1. Oh wow, what a great little event! My son loves Maka Paka and is mesmerised by the Night Garden too – he would have loved it, although he is 3 and a half and never sits still :))

  2. wow I wish I had gone to see this when mine were smaller, what a fun event to go to, love it:)
    Thanks so much for bringing this to the #mainylovessummer linky.
    Mainy x

  3. What a great event, my little boy would absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to see if there’s one near us x

  4. We went last year but forgot to go this year and I was really disappointed as like you we wanted to see the other show! I also like that there are no set seats, made it a lot easier and meant Amelie could choose which added to the excitement.

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