Weaning is an exciting time for both babies and parents. Exploring new tastes and textures after living on milk for 6 months. There are certain foods that your baby will love from the beginning, Lucas loved bananas and sweet potato to begin with before moving onto more fish and meat tastes aswel. He didn’t think much of carrots or anything stringy, he still won’t eat anything stringy whether it is a fruity sweet or spaghetti.

Weaning baby

A survey, launched by Organix, reveals that one of the biggest barriers to introducing new foods during weaning is baby’s facial expression in response to new tastes.

It can be challenging to introduce new foods during weaning and the faces babies pull can be interpreted by parents as disgust or dislike at what they are trying, which can make it all the harder.

The Organix weaning survey reveals:

• More than half (55%) of mums say a baby’s facial expression puts them off trying to encourage their baby to like a new taste and flavour.
• 49% say it’s a struggle to keep babies interested in food.
• 42% say they find it hard to get babies to try new foods during weaning.

Weaning baby

From sweet carrot to sour lemon and bitter broccoli, weaning is the beginning of a taste adventure, the first opportunity for your baby to explore and experience taste sensations. Evidence shows that it can take between 10 and 15 times to introduce a new food or flavour and that learning about food is all about familiarity and repetition. So by understanding more about their babies’ facial expressions, parents are likely to feel more confident about introducing new foods.

Weaning baby

In response to the research, Organix has commissioned Vivien Sabel, Clinical Psychotherapist and body language expert, to help parents interpret and understand their little one’s facial expressions, rather than being put off.

Weaning baby

Vivien Sabel, Clinical Psychotherapist and body language expert, says, “Just as we learn to interpret our baby’s signals when they’re sleepy, hungry, happy or windy, we can also read what those eye, brow, mouth, lip and tongue movements say about a new taste too.

“For example, what mums and dads might interpret as a look of shock or disgust, doesn’t necessarily translate as not liking the taste, what’s more likely is that baby is puzzled by the intensity of a new flavour. A surprised expression could be curiosity about the depth of flavour, the chances are they think the flavour is good but it’s very different to what they’ve eaten before – it’s all part of them experiencing and learning new tastes on their weaning journey.”

Weaning baby

Top tips from Vivien Sabel:
• Look out for all of your baby’s non-verbal cues and expressions, they can support your baby and you through weaning and trying new foods.
• Observe your baby’s expression and mirror it back to your baby as a way of saying you understand their communication.
• Remember babies do what babies see! They are like sponges and soak up everything you do, if you look like you’re enjoying the food, your baby is likely to copy you.
• The more time you spend observing your baby the more you’ll understand what they’re communicating.

Ideas for Weaning Fun

– by Lucy Thomas, Organix’ Children’s Food Expert
• Finger popping purée: have some fun with Organix fruit pots and explore new tastes and textures at the same time. Dip your fingertips into the pot so they’re covered in the brightly coloured purée (Organix Apple & Blueberry is lovely and bright), then suck the purée off your fingers with a loud popping sound followed by a big smile. Then help your baby do the same – if easier pop a spoonful of purée on their highchair tray for them to dip their fingers in.
• Matching pairs: match a finger food with a purée, such as Organix carrot sticks as a dipper with carrot purée, you could try a soft cooked carrot baton too. It’s a great way to offer the same vegetable in lots of different ways for baby to try without masking the real flavour.
• Tiny taste explorer: offer your baby small taste experiences throughout the day, to introduce them to new tastes. Try a lick of the lemon slice from your water, a sprinkle of cinnamon on their apple purée, a hint of curry powder in their parsnip mash or a pinch of nutmeg in some Organix banana porridge.
• Mirror image: babies are fascinated by their reflection, even though they can’t recognise themselves! Hold a mirror in front of them whilst they’re eating or holding a finger food, it’s a great activity when you’re introducing something new, watch how their expression changes.

Weaning baby

For lots more weaning advice, weaning recipes – from purées to finger foods – and to download your free copy of the Organix Little Book of Weaning, visit Organix.
Weaning baby

I’ve teamed up with Organix to offer 5 lucky winners a £20 bundle of their baby foods. Organix has created weaning foods with a variety of tastes, shapes and textures to encourage your baby’s curiosity about food.



43 Comments on Win 1 of 5 Weaning Bundles From Organix

  1. Marianna hasn’t been too bad – so far, at least! I remember when I was young my baby brother just smearing himself head to toe in food. It was summer so my dad moved the highchair into the garden and hosed them both off! x

  2. First taste of food was baby rice and the look of horror as if to say what you feeding me this rubbish for, was hilarious. She never did like baby rice but loved baby porridge.

    • I haven’t heard of anyone saying that their baby liked baby rice. I never gave it to Lucas, went straight onto porridge x

  3. My youngest one hates sweet potato. I can’t forget her face when she tried it first. I tried giving it to her few more times but no luck. She loves other veggies though 🙂

  4. My little girl loves her food she wants to eat everything we eat she wasn’t so keen on avocado though she gave it a good try!

  5. My neices little girl is 3 months old and may need to start weaning soon as she’s not settling with milk alone
    This would be the perfect treat to introduce nutritious simple choices into her daily diet

  6. My son had spag bol once and put the bowl over his head. It took ages to get off his hair and skin. dyed him orange 🙂

  7. we have been weaning for a few weeks now, my daughter loves porridge and carrot & cheese muffins which she also enjoyed feeding the floor with 🙂

  8. My baby girl is 15 weeks old so we’ve not started weaning yet. I’m dreading it. I have 3 year old twins and its really difficult to get them to try new foods

  9. I’ve done my bit and I can’t remember that far back, this would be for my grandson, it would go to my sons house

  10. I’d seen all the photos of the mess spaghetti bolognese can make so the first time we tried my daughter with it I covered the floor with plastic and stripped her down to her nappy and had a bath ready for her. She refused to even touch it. It was such an anti-climax!

  11. homemade spag bol, an old shower curtain on the floor and stand well back!! my girls loved it when they started solids

  12. You really need to see my baby’s face whenever he tastes eggs, he doesn’t like the smell of it! x

  13. We haven’t started yet, going to wait until little one is 6 months old. I’m excited, but so nervous!

  14. My youngest is 18 months & baby number 3 is due in 5 days. I would love to win a set for a friend who will be beginning her weaning journey shortly x

  15. I’d like to say my son has a favourite but he honestly munches his way through absolutely everything, I haven’t found anything he won’t literally inhale as of yet 😮

  16. He hated everything – it was like I was poisoning him! I gave up, waited a month and started again!

  17. My grandson tipped porridge all over his head once, literally covered his entire head, face and highchair with the stuff then proceeded to rub it into himself! Big mess!

  18. I have four kids & i always enjoy introducing new foods but the first little taste of lemon always makes for a good pic 🙂

  19. My daughter loved blueberry pure with baby rice and she fell asleep once while eating it 🙂 Now she’s 3 years old but we have another baby girl who’s 3 months old 🙂

  20. All 3 of my children have loved the Organix Carrot Sticks. They all took to weaning really well.

  21. my little one is 12 weeks old – very nervous about weaning this time round for some reason! my eldest was fine with it so not sure why I’m so worried this time!

  22. When my daughter first started weaning I tried odd combinations and I found the more odd they were the more likely it would be she would polish it off! I found ‘cauliflower, peach and green bean’ to be a particular favourite 🙂

  23. Around the time that my son was being weaned, I decided to paint the living room. I put dust sheets over the sofas and put my son, who was crawling, on the floor with some toys, figuring I could keep an eye on him while painting. At one point I looked down from the ladder and could not see him. I got down and hunted under the dust sheets for him, & found him under a chair. He had come across a mixture of fur ball and half-chewed cat biscuits that one of our cats had brought up, and was busy tasting it! I got rid of the revolting item & washed his mouth out, and he seemed none the worse for the experience. He’s grown-up now and we can laugh about it, but at the time I felt like the worst mother in the world.

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