Lucas has just started to fit into his 12-18 month clothes so he can now wear some of his birthday presents. This outfit is off one of my Aunties. It is a three piece set consisting of joggers, sweatshirt and socks from Disney Baby at Nutmeg, Morrisons.

Disney baby clothing

Disney baby clothing

Disney baby clothing

Disney baby clothing

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12 Comments on What Lucas Wore #22

  1. Adorable! I used to love browsing in the clothes section in Morrisons when I lived closer to one, they have some great items.
    Sophie x

  2. It’s so exciting when they start to fit into the next size and you already have a stash ready in the wardrobe. Pooh is the cutest Disney cartoon and this outfit is adorable x #weekendtotstyle

  3. What an adorable outfit, I always use to put Lewis in Winnie The Pooh as a baby as the outfits were always so adorable. Nice to see WTP is still popular! Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  4. Such a cute outfit! Joey’s had quite a lot of Tigger clothes but haven’t bought any recently. I really must go and have a look at the clothes in Morrisons #WeekendTotStyle

  5. How cute is this little get up! I do love Tigger, he’s probably my favourite Winne the Pooh character. This set looks super comfy, as well as cute. I really need to hunt down nutmeg clothes, we don’t seem to have any near us anymore. Thanks for linking up and hope you’ve had a great weekend! #weekendtotstyle

  6. What a little cutie, I love his hair!! My JB’s hair would have been like that if I had let it grow but I got so fed up with people calling him and girl. I miss his curls now he has short hair. As for his outfit, it’s gorgeous. My kids wear loads of Nutmeg, such fabulous quality clothing at a great price!

  7. So cute! I’m not usually a big fan of character clothing but that t-shirt is lovely. I love it when they grow into the next size and can start wearing all the clothes you’ve got waiting for them. #FunkyKidFriday

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