As a blogger and as a virtual assistant, I use the internet a lot. So when TalkTalk Business asked me how important a good broadband connection is for their #BroadbandAndMe campaign, it was an overwhelming very, very important, I couldn’t do the work I do, without a decent broadband connection. I definitely need fast internet for working from home.

I use the internet on a daily basis for writing blog posts, interacting on social media and working remotely on clients projects. I very rarely talk to my clients, the relationships we have relies majorly on the internet through emailing each other, sharing files through Google, Drop Box or Asana. There is nothing worse than when you are in the middle of working on a project and you lose connection, when your broadband starts playing up and goes really slowly or only working intermittently. These times not only really irritate me because they are wasting time but it means I am losing money. I know, and my clients know, how much I should be able to get done in an allotted time scale so I cant charge my clients for more hours just because my internet hasn’t allowed me to do it. I then have to work more time, pushing other projects back and it means I am working in time I am not being paid for.

As well as work, I think that a good broadband connection is essential in day to day life, whether it is for ordering the weekly shop online, keeping in touch with friends and giving older family members another way to contact people. My Grandma was 82 when she first purchased an iPad and has since learnt to email family members and uses it to keep her mind active with crossword and jigsaw apps that connect to broadband and give her daily challenges.

How important do you feel a good broadband connection is?x


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1 Comment on How important is broadband on a daily basis? #BroadbandAndMe

  1. Download speed, upload speed and making sure the connection is rock solid are all super important to me!

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