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I like to think that I have not lost my sense of style since becoming a mother. In fact, I feel I’ve found my personal style more over the last four and a half years since Tatum was born. But there are some days when I downright have ZERO time to put a lot of effort into my beauty routine and my outfit choices.

I feel better when I am put together, but being a mom means you don’t have a ton of time to hum and haw over what clothes you’re going to wear, and your beauty routine has probably been paired down substantially from your pre-children days. Even though your time may be limited, there are still ways to keep yourself looking polished in small amounts of time. Take a look below for my favourite easy ways to stay stylish in a matter of minutes!

Have a stash of easy-to-throw-together outfits
My go-to style that’s comfortable and easy to throw on in a matter of seconds is normally a pair of skinny jeans, fitted t-shirt and a cardigan/blazer. I need clothing that I am able to run around after Tatum at the park and go for walks in, but I also need clothing that can look put-together if I’m headed to work at the make-up boutique or out running errands. 
When I’m getting ready for bed, I set out the next day’s clothes (and the accessories I will be wearing with it) so they’re ready to go first thing in the morning. In the evening I have the time to decide what I want to wear and to go through my clothing, rather than trying to do it while I have Tatum running around in the morning.

Can’t do your hair? Buns are the perfect style for moms
I love to be able to style my hair every day, but often it does not happen for me. Many times my hair is going on day two of not being washed, and it can start looking a little sad. I recommend having a dry shampoo on hand, which takes about two seconds to sprinkle in your hair. It refreshes my hair when I haven’t had the chance to completely wash, condition, and style it. 
After I’ve sprinkled in and rubbed the dry shampoo through my hair, I’ll either put it into a sleek low ponytail, a low bun, or a top knot. Those styles are always very chic and can be done in a minute or two. If you’re a woman who has shorter hair, it’s normally easier to tame with a few swipes of a straightening iron or a brush.

Streamline your morning make-up routine
Last May I did a post highlighting my favourite make-up must haves for moms. I shared my favourite products that could be used quickly and easily. No fussing! Don’t get me wrong, if I have the time to stretch out my routine I love to play around with my make-up. But in the morning when I don’t have the time or just plain don’t feel like messing around with several different products, but still want to look polished, I love to have a few staples on hand to be able to throw on in five minutes or less. 
My make-up in the morning takes me about 5-10 minutes maximum. If you’re a fan of the natural make-up look like I am, and you can find the right products for you, your make-up routine can be condensed into a few minutes in the morning.

Depend on accessories to jazz up your outfits
My daily outfit of jeans, fitted shirts and cardigans/blazers can get a little tired, but I mix it up each day with different accessories/shoes. A different mix of necklaces, scarves, earrings, rings, bracelets and shoes can completely change the vibe of an outfit.  It’s also a relatively budget-friendly way to stay on-trend without buying big-ticket items like coats, expensive jeans, etc. Stick with your always-fashionable and chic staples and play up trends with accessories, and you’ll always have a fresh wardrobe.
What are your favourite ways to stay stylish while being a busy mom? Do you have a go-to outfit?


Easy beauty tips for busy Mums


6 Comments on Easy beauty tips for busy Mums

  1. I went out on saturday with super dirty hair, so I pinned it up loosely and pulled some chunks loose. I had THREE compliments on my messy bun :’)

  2. I could do with taking some of these tips on board. Since changing shifts I struggle with getting ready on a morning and seem to be living in leggings, no make up and a messy bun! Streamlining my make up and adding some accessories would definitely help me change my look.

  3. These are great tips, and I definitely think that I do quite a few of them! Mum life is crazy busy, but it’s important to take time out for you – and to feel good about yourself!

  4. These are such great tips. The stash of go to outfits is a must for busy moms I wear my yoga pants, tracksuit and sneakers these days. It’s also important not to completely lose who you were before becoming a mom!

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