I do realise that it’s only the 2nd week of October and I have already mentioned Christmas twice but I do like to be prepared and I promise after this I will try to get back into the month we are in.

If you have guests coming over for Christmas, getting prepared early can mean less stress in December and more time to actually enjoy the festive season.

Plan days out

If your guests are staying for a few days, planning what you would all like to do in advance can make things a lot easier in case you need to book tickets and it avoids wasting time or arguments between your children at the time if they all want to do something different. Check out what is going on locally, I know I really want to go to Liverpool ONE as I haven’t been yet and I know they have a variety of Christmas choirs on in December. If you are keeping to a budget, check out what is free in your area, here are some free days out in Lancashire.


We all have dumping spaces in the house where we are meant to get round to tidying and organising, if your spare room is that place, you need to de-clutter to make room for your guests. Vacuum storage bags are fab for making large piles of clothes or bedding that isn’t going to be used into a small package to pop in a wardrobe. Underbed storage is also an incredible space saver, we have three boxes stored under Lucas’ bed and it makes a huge difference. We also have hooks behind his bedroom door and a big storage bag that can go on the hooks to keep toys out of the way.

Give your guests some essentials

I rely on my phone to be my clock, torch and alarm clock (I would if I didn’t get woken by Lucas!), however if an older relative is coming to stay, they may prefer to have a clock in their bedroom and a lamp they can use. For guests that do have phones or tablets with them, share your wifi code.  Also, give your guests their own towels to use whilst they are staying. You can buy towel bales relatively cheaply now that would include enough for a family with different sizes of towels and a flannel.

Make it special

These are in no way needed for your guests but wouldn’t it be lovely to turn up to festive bedding, some fresh flowers in the bedroom and some little bottles of water in case they get thirsty in the night? Maybe, even some little chocolates on the pillow…x


Preparing for guests this Christmas




8 Comments on Preparing for guests this Christmas

  1. These are great ways to prepare for guests at Christmas. I always end up shoving all my random stuff in a big cupboard at the last minute, and I have to hope the door doesn’t budge and give my secret to ‘de-cluttering’ away haha

    Louise x

  2. In shove all of my clutter in a cupboard and hope nobody opens it because it will all come tumbling down haha. I do like to get the fancy table runner and plates and cutlery out at Christmas to make it feel like a special occasion.

    I’ve got one of those light boxes and put the wifi password on it so nobody has to look for it 🙂

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