This year I am on a mission to redecorate the whole of our house. Inspired Wallpaper asked me if I would like to use some of their wallpaper, in an attempt to kick start me falling back in love with our home. I obviously said a big yes please! I had a look at their website and was really impressed with the selection they have to offer.


bedroom makeover, black and grey bedroom


Their website is easy to navigate, you can search for wallpapers by colour, style or room. Our room has been black and grey for about 4 years now and I had really had enough of the darkness, I wanted it to be my favourite room, something that was light, airy and would make me smile when I wake in the morning. It was also cluttered with mismatched furniture and items thrown on top of the wardrobe that aren’t used anymore.



bedroom makeover, crown powder blue and cherry pink floral wallpaper with silver etched birds and glitter details


I chose a Crown floral and glittery wallpaper in powder blue and cherry pink, £15.99 a roll. I never would have thought of getting a pink paper but I just loved the print and I think I was rebelling from the black and grey. Inspired Wallpaper have a room calculator so you can work out how many rolls you will need to use which is handy if you are clueless like me. You can also return any rolls you don’t need for free.


bedroom makeover, crown powder blue and cherry pink floral wallpaper with silver etched birds and glitter details, grey carpet, white ikea furniture


I was overwhelmed when the paper arrived, I absolutely adore it. The website pictures really don’t do it justice. It is stunning, the texture and quality of it is superb and the decorator commented on how nice it was to apply to the walls. It is a lovely soft powder blue adorned with cherry pink flowers and subtly glittered ornamental detailing and etched birds.


bedroom makeover, crown powder blue and cherry pink floral wallpaper with silver etched birds and glitter details, grey carpet, white ikea furniture


As the wallpaper is busy, I opted for plain silver blackout curtains from Dunelm Mill. I think the faux silk material really complements the glitter detailing in the wallpaper They start at £19.99 depending on the size.


bedroom makeover, crown powder blue and cherry pink floral wallpaper with silver etched birds and glitter details, grey carpet, white ikea furniture


I went for a wood look for my furniture with an Ikea Brusali wardrobe, £140, set of drawers, £80 (see more lingerie chests & drawers at Wedgwood Interiors), and bedside table, £30. The wardrobe has adjustable shelves making it easy to customise the space. You can run a plug to the socket through the backside of the bedside table which fits an extension lead in it to charge tablet/phone at night. Safety fittings are included with the drawers and wardrobe to fix them safely to the wall. I think the shade of white with grey running through it goes well with the silver in the paper and curtains.


bedroom makeover, crown powder blue and cherry pink floral wallpaper with silver etched birds and glitter details, grey carpet, white ikea furniture


I’ve kept the accessories minimal with a photo of Lucas, candle, our teddy bears and Lucas’ newgate clock. I’m really pleased with how the bedroom has turned out, I love how light it is, it just feels more friendly and relaxing. Next room to be completed will be the hallway and stairs.


Bedroom makeover
Read this detailed post about investing into buildings.


What do you think of my choices? Do you prefer lighter and darker colours for the bedroom?x



43 Comments on Fall back in love with your home…bedroom makeover

  1. We’re currently trying to get our own home, so when we do, I am looking forward to decorating it and really leaving our own stamp on it!

  2. I love the wallpaper. I really don’t like neutrals personally as they look really boring especially when people do everything in white. I think all white looks horrible and hospital like. Last year I painted my room this really awesome blue color x

  3. What a difference it looks lovely. We are decorating our bedroom this year, luckily my little subtle hints have been heard and we have been discussing what we want to do x

  4. I love the wallpaper!! We are decorating our house this year first room is my daughters though followed by my son, living room and then our room. I’m going to have a look on their website for some wallpaper for my living room though x

  5. I love how different it is and the wall paper is so pretty! I think it all depends on how you plan on spending your time in the bedroom. I like to read in cosier areas so a warm coloured room would be best for me yet I love how fresh lighter colours are!

  6. Wow, that’s stunning, great choice of paper and so much brighter and cheerier than what you used to have. Jo x

  7. What a makeover indeed!! You definitley made the right choice its totally transformed your bedroom and made it much lighter!! Awesome job!

  8. Wow, the transformation from quite a dark space to this beautiful, light and pretty room is incredible. Well done you! The paper looks beautiful too. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  9. I’m about to decorate my bedroom which is currently magnolia.boring! I love your wallpaper, it’s really pretty and I do like a nice light an airy bedroom rather than a dark one.

  10. Oooh it all looks lovely! I think wallpaper is beautiful – right up my street! I love your clock too. What a lovely room. We need to decorate our bedroom as it’s been a while but I’m not very good at decorating… #FamilyFun

  11. I love a bit of floral but my hubby is a fussy urchin so we always end up with paint! Overall your room looks lovely. What a difference! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

  12. The wallpaper is gorgeous, so pretty. I love the silver detail on it. The whole room looks fabulous and to me, it seems bigger now that the colours are lighter.

  13. I love the paper you chose, it’s so pretty and really brightens your room up. We are going to concentrate on decorating next year so I will keep that website in mind. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures

  14. Oh I love that wallpaper it’s such a bright and pretty choice. It really opens up the room and goes beautifully with your furniture. Fab choice. Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

  15. We bought our new home in November, and moved in a week before Christmas as the place needed gutting and re-wiring. We ripped out the kitchen and the flooring in the back of the house. We’re still living with unpacked boxes, dodgy plasterwork, and unfinished kitchen and a whole bedroom we can’t use!!! I can’t wait until we’ve got the time and money to start actually doing it all up properly!! #ablogginggoodtime

  16. I much prefer lighter colours, I revamped all my bedroom furniture with chalk paint this summer. Love your wallpaper choice! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  17. It’s so pretty that wallpaper! We’re decorating our front room at the moment and it’s so difficult to choose how to do it. Well done for yours, it’s lovely x #familyfun

  18. What a difference!! That wallpaper is beautiful! Love the light furniture and minimalist look. Gorgeous. So glad I found you on the #weekendblogshare!

  19. Omg I love it. It really goes well together. It is also our plan to do our bedroom at some point this year. I have already choose the wallpaper that is similar to yours but more of a green than a blue. After seeing yours I know it’s going to make my bedroom look so much lighter. Can’t wait to see your next project.

  20. I think it looks great. I love how clean and uncluttered it looks. I personally am not a fan of wallpaper. Not because of how it looks but I find it rather inconvenient to deal with. It’s easier to paint. #DreamandSparkle

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