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Definitely Dreaming


Last week I went on a product photography workshop at Definitely Dreaming so I can start to take photos of the jewellery and new products we are creating at work. The workshop taught us which settings were best to use on our cameras, how to find the best light and how to manipulate natural light and what to do if there isn’t enough of it. We also discussed props and styling and how to position the product to have maximum impact. The workshop was set in a smallholding and I knew when booking that it only took a maximum of 6 students so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. My workshop had myself and 3 other students.

If you are a newbie photographer, pop over to Definitely Dreaming as Janet is currently offering a free five week online course to improve your photography skills which is suitable for phone and camera users. To sign up you only need to give your first name and email address.

small business love
Flo Candles

One lady who attended the workshop creates luxury candles and reed diffusers. Flo Candles are created using soy wax from a renewable source and are free from any artificial or toxic elements, meaning they burn cleanly and last much longer than traditional paraffin. They enrich the candles with 100% essential oils. Their reed diffusers are created using certified organic and 100% natural ingredients.

They have various scents and if you aren’t sure which you would like, you can order 2 free scent samples to help you decide, they will also send you a discount code with the samples to get 15% off your first order. That is fab customer service even before you get started. I have ordered the Relax candle which is a blend of lavender, marjoram, bergamot and petitgrain. I can not wait for it to arrive!

small business love
Fired 4 U

Another lady creates bespoke pottery as well as holding craft workshops for both adults and children at her workshop in Preston, Fired 4 U. She took a pair of hand painted ceramic wine goblets to the workshop and they were stunning, the attention to detail was superb.

small business love
Swifty Bell Designs

The 3rd lady at the workshop with us was Swifty Bell Designs, creating fabric pictures and greeting cards. Each item is unique so you can be sure that no one else will have the same picture as you. Using various materials, some of them are so precious that she only uses them sparingly on the wing of a bird or a cherry on a cupcake. I adore her cards, I think they make a beautiful gift as it could be framed after being given as a card x






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  1. I love using small business as its important to help them out especially local ones. We have some fab local small business near us which I love shopping in.

  2. It’s always to important to raise awareness of local business, so thank you for sharing some of your favourites!

  3. I have done a similar post recently.
    It’s great to support small businesses! And they often sell the most beautiful & unique items!

  4. Thanks for including us in the blog and encouraging people to support small businesses. Hope you enjoy your relax candle. Emma x

  5. Flo candles sounds really great, I adore candles and always find ones that aren’t mass produced last so much longer and have an amazing scent. I also love the fact you can order two free samples to see what the scents are like too! xx

  6. I love buying things from small businesses so will definitely check all of these out. Flo candles sounds something I would love!

  7. This is so important! Small businesses are so great and I am looking into starting one up so this is fab 🙂

  8. Thank you for the mention it is a lovely blog post! It was a great photography course with Janet and you are right in saying our small group was nice and not intimidating at all and full of useful information. With the added bonus of meeting three new small local businesses it made a great useful day out of work.

  9. Those fabric pictures look really cool. I’ve never seen something like that, what a unique business idea 🙂

  10. I love discovering new businesses – it is so inspiring to see people set off on their own and succeed. Thank you for highlight the three you discovered at your workshop

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