The garden is a neglected space when it comes to lighting arrangements. It doesn’t have to be that way and once you know the options out there, then you’ll make sure your garden is never left behind again. Here are some great options to brighten up your summer, even if the British sun can’t.

Give your garden depth

Giving your garden a sense of purpose can be a great motivation to get out in it more. Decking, fountains, ponds or a simple tree can be encouraging reasons to spend more time outdoors. Don’t let your visitors miss a single detail by using lighting to surround, or bring focus, to your garden’s features.

Make your space work for you

Any garden lighting advocate will refer to layers if you ask them how to do more with a space or include features which are important to you. Contrast is a great technique for pushing in depth to larger gardens and manipulating smaller spaces to look bigger. Play around with light and dark tones.


garden lighting with patio romantic in the evening with benches and pillows chandelier and table


Gardens can be magical

Summer is a beautiful time of year where anything feels possible. Create an enchanting atmosphere by lighting up your features and plants using back lighting. A great chance to switch the mood up with your loved ones in the summer evenings.

Structural benefits

Small spaces can often lack structure and discipline, so to speak. If you feel your garden is a little less organised than you’d like it, give your outdoor space some direction. Use ground or lower level spotlights as a border for paths or steps which lead to the central areas of activity in your garden.

Which lighting styles would you love to see in your garden?

There are so many options. Getting the lighting you want, be it wall and ground lighting to decking and pendants, where you want it, has never been easier.


Set the scene for summer with beautiful garden lighting


8 Comments on Set the scene for summer with beautiful garden lighting

  1. Oh my goodness, the small details that will yield such amazing results. I love gardens and I love making them feel cozy and freeing. Thanks for this post.

  2. That garden set is just stunning. We are working on getting our garden sorted this summer and during lockdown. I would love to make it a nice space to be. Some handy ideas.

  3. I would love a garden, the downside to living in a flat is that we are lucky enough to have an outdoor space which we can put pots on, but no grass or soil to actually do anything with x

  4. I think a lot of us will have flourishing gardens this year! Thankfully while being cooped up at home the weather has been nice enough to get out there and work on the backyard. Love this garden inspo!

  5. I would love to have a bigger space to make a dream garden! If I do in the future, I’d like to have a little pond with koi fish. A zen space where I can sit in the shade and relax. Little fairy lights would be nice too.

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