Skiing is a lot of fun. There is something in the fresh mountain air that recharges your batteries and creates an overall sense of calmness and well being. These basic things are considered a pure luxury as they are missing from our day to day chaotic lives.

When deciding on a holiday, most families think of heading to the beach as a good option, which is truly rejuvenating. However, skiing with the entire family alongside your children, provides quality time and a whole lot of adventure.

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2 people skiing through snow into a forest of snow topped trees


Spending time with your loved ones in an amazing location

Modern day life revolves around hectic schedules with families hardly getting a chance to meet due to staying further and further away from each other. A multi generation ski holiday, with even aunties and uncles in tow, can make for an ideal combination of fun and frolic and one which works perfectly for everyone, especially for the ones you love the most. The amazing alpine scenery, the magical moments spent together in the atmosphere of the mountains at a good family friendly resort can turn out to be that extra special element of your skiing holiday.

Sharing a thrilling experience

If parents are already snow loving addicts, then this is the right time for them to share this passion with their children. A family outing can be full of special experiences, to be cherished and remembered for a long time. Simply staying in a good location with loads of thrilling activities against the backdrop of stunning vistas will invoke fantastic memories in the young brood. It may even make your child want to become a ski instructor when he is older!

Even if you are new to the sport and worried about setting downhill with two planks tied to your feet do not despair. There are specific areas set apart for beginners and children where professional instructors will get you up and skiing in no time at all.


snowy mountains and you can see people skiing in the distance


Creates a sense of adventure

Time spent in the great outdoors among stunning snow covered scenery creates a unique connection with nature which can only be experienced in person.There is no better way to get inspired and tap into the positive spirit of adventure created by staying up close with the natural world. Children, importantly, get an opportunity for exposure to the rugged and wild side of life, an experience which should bear them a lot of good for the rest of their lives, especially in their transition from children to adults.

Complete Value for money at all inclusive resorts and chalets

As the saying goes, the more the merrier, the same applies when it comes to skiing trips with the entire family in tow. The ideal start to your holiday should be booking a chalet for yourselves for the complete duration of the trip.

Not only will this be economical, it will also offer the flexibility to enjoy at leisure. You can ski as long as you want and then return to the chalet for some warmth and well deserved rest. A private chalet, in a good location, provides plenty of opportunities for parents and children to spend precious time together and take part in any fun filled activity.


family ski holiday, you can see an adult man skiing, pulling along a toddler in a ski cart with an adult female skiing behind


Improves health and overall well-being

Children who like to ski are generally more active and happier than others. The pride they show after the success of a good run gives the little ones a sense of accomplishment. As the little skiers strive to master the art of skiing, they inadvertently get a good workout.

Moving all day gets the heart and lungs pumping in a way which not only improves cardiovascular health but also overall flexibility, without even feeling like an effort was made.

Additionally, skiing helps improve the core muscles and strengthens the joints, which in turn improves the bone density in the children. All in all the benefits go far beyond physical health as children who are active feel better on the whole.

Activities for non-skiers

While skiing may be a perfect option for children as soon as the holiday season sets in, there are a range of other activities in most ski resorts that cater to everyone. Children normally look forward to skiing and snowboarding with their parents, but for the non-skiers too there is swimming, sledding, ice hockey, skating and so on, which will keep even the most restless of young minds occupied.

Unrivalled facilities

To make your family ski holiday with children a perfect one, resorts these days have come up with all the facilities deemed necessary. Chalets are located in good ski-in and ski-out locations at a close distance to provide maximum child suitability. Childcare clubs are in place for toddlers from three months old to teenagers as a priority for parents who wish to ski.

Activities on the snow cater to children from seven years of age onwards with accompanied fun skiing sessions. The food provided is delicious and well cooked and a free babysitting service can be availed off till the late hours. After all great skiing needs to be combined with a relaxed and carefree holiday in a place where your children’s safety is of prime concern.


a cable car in the mountains showing a family of skiers sat down



Apres-ski is a great way to catch up with family and friends, especially if your children are a bit older. A day on the slopes after a ski lesson can be tiring, so the best way to relax and unwind is by enjoying some live music and perhaps some leg shaking in your ski boots.

Post ski holiday celebrations

A fun way of overcoming the blues that follow the end of an amazing ski holiday, is by organising a house party to share the experience later on. Go through the photographs and go-pro footage and create an album to show your children and close knit family. The children too will realise how much they have learnt and remember the good moments spent on the slopes. If your children are tech crazy, allow them to upload the pictures on facebook or Instagram.

A ski holiday imparts the right balance between exercise, learning, bonding and freedom. Few family ski experiences can be more rewarding than those involving sharing the passion with your children. Many avid ski lovers dream of taking their young ones on a skiing holiday the moment their toddlers learn how to stand. Today, skiing forms a great part of the winter family experience. The ski resorts are full of simple pleasures like, playing games, hanging out in the condo or just being together. This is the reason why only a ski vacation with the children offers a chance to reconnect in a manner no other travel experience does.


Reasons to go on a family ski holiday with your children

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  1. I would absolutely love to try my hand at skiing. It sounds like a fab family thing to do too. I dont think I would be very good though

  2. It’s good to know that there are also plenty of activities that non-skiers can do on a ski holiday. I don’t ski and I don’t like being in the cold for so long, so a nice chalet with a spa would be a great way to spend the day whilst the others are on the slopes.

  3. I bet being outside for so much of the holiday has such great benefits. I’ve never been on a ski holiday as I’m not much of a sport type person, but I love the idea of staying in a chalet somewhere snow topped x

  4. I am loving all your ski piccys for sure. I wish we could travel right now, but with travel advice issued it looks bleak for the near future

  5. I would love to go on a skiing holiday as it looks so much fun. I was in Lapland a few years ago and took a walk to the slopes one day. I was tempted to hire the equipment but never did. Wish I had now

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