Where was the last place holiday inspiration came out of the blue for you? You know that one time you were doing something completely normal and mundane only to be stopped in your tracks and go “maybe that’s a good holiday idea”.

For me, this usually happens in that one place we all vow never to go near but have a browse anyway, the middle aisle in Lidl or Aldi.

When you go from perusing the fruit and veg to wondering what size of ski jacket would fit best for the whole family. This then got me wondering, is planning a family ski trip easier than I believed it would be?

As we’ve spent the Summer in France, I thought it would be worth looking at skiing trips in France and what’s the best way of booking.

Before you know it, you’ll be sizing up goggles yourself!

Brush up on your French

Last year in a previous post about where to go on a family ski holiday, which you can read here, I mentioned Avoriaz in France as one of the top destinations to visit.

Doing some more research this year and comparing prices all over the place, it seems as though France is the best location for families to hit the slopes if you’re looking for a ski holiday on a tight budget. It has the shortest flight times, many resorts have direct flights from UK airports, and I found more family-friendly locations than similar spots in Austria and Italy.

Jetting off to France will be more convenient and save you travel headaches that always crop up from families having to make their way through an airport.

Don’t DIY the trip

If you’re prone to booking flights through Skyscanner or Expedia, hotels through the likes of Booking. com & Trivago, or getting other things through third parties, you could find yourself with a very jumbled ski holiday.

For once I suggest taking the hassle out of it all and going with a travel agent that specialises in ski holidays for families. The added cost is worth it to get all the mod cons, ski extras and food all included. The last thing you want to be doing is picking out what goes in the checked luggage for breakfast and sandwiches; something we’ve all been guilty of when on a strict budget. ​

Look for direct transfers

Another reason why you’re best to stick with a company providing the holiday rather than going it alone. There’s a reason why ski resorts are so serene; they’re practically in the middle of nowhere, and if you’re not booked in with an agency, you’re going to have a nightmare getting to the resort.

Jumping off the plane straight on to a bus that will take you there directly sounds a million miles better than driving a hire car on the other side of the road up a mountain or hoping the public bus timetable you looked up online is true for the day you get there.

Make sure childcare is covered

Double-check that everything the children can get is included in the price. Ski holidays can cost more than you’re used to and being surprised that you have to pay extra for little ones to go into day-care or ski school shouldn’t come as a surprise.

I recommend booking in advance for any of this stuff if it comes at a price at your resort. That way you won’t have to pay resort fees or added tax in Euros at the hotel.


One last tip that harkens back to seeing those ski jackets in the middle aisle. Bar the thermals and ski jacket, you’ll be able to rent pretty much everything as a resort. Don’t go thinking you need to buy ski boots, helmets, goggles or even the skis to take with you. It will cost you an arm and a leg in baggage, and because they’re items you’ll only ever use on holiday, it is best to pay to rent when you get there.

Look for more family travel ideas?

I hope you found some sage advice from this post. If you want to read some more travel posts from the blog, click here.


Family ski tips


3 Comments on Allons skier! Fantastic Family Ski Tips for France

  1. I’ve never done a ski trip as active holidays aren’t really my thing. You’re so right though sometimes booking everything together can work out much easier x

  2. Great tips! I have to admit we have never been on a family ski trip (in fact I have never even been skiing myself!) but I have considered it as it looks like so much fun! Love the tip about checking everything is included as nobody likes finding hidden costs once you are on holiday! x

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