Your home is your own space, and quite naturally, you’ll want to fill it with happy times, good memories, success, prosperity and joy. However, sometimes, it may feel like there’s nothing but negativity and sadness around. If that’s what you can relate to, here’s a bit of help.

The Power of Sound

Time to get your hands on those windchimes people! It turns out, this rather pleasing Feng Shui essential makes for a great tool to clear the negative and stagnant energies from your home and increase the flow of positive ones. While there’s no actual science to support the effectiveness of this one, consider this, your mood instantly changes after you hear a nice song or soothing music, and that’s exactly how it works!

Clear the Clutter

One of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce negative energies in your home is to clean your home and get rid of all the clutter. Old and unused objects tend to gather energies in them which can block the good energies from flowing in your home. Discard things you don’t use, clean your space and get all broken things fixed. You can also use simple Feng shui design tips for your home.

Get Some Crystals

Crystals have been known to be mega powerful tools when it comes to ridding your home of negative energies, and if you don’t have any in your home already, now’s the time to get them. Black tourmaline in particular is perfect to dissolve the negative energies in your home, whereas rose quartz can transform those energies into positive ones.

Try the Salt Trick

Salts have been known to have the natural ability to absorb negative energy, which is why, by simply pouring a bit of salt in all four corners of your room and letting it stay for 24-48 hours can help absorb those very energies and purify your home. Make sure your discard the salt, preferably by flushing it down the toilet. You can also try taking a bath with water that has some sea salt dissolved in it, it can help you stay more grounded and centred.

Essential Oil Power

The power of essential oils has been making rounds in the recent years, and more and more people are now using it for everything from curbing headaches and reducing stress to relieving pain and improving skin health. What’s more, certain oils, particularly orange, lavender, rose and frankincense essential oils have been found to help purify the home and rid it of all the negative energies as well. Just sprinkling some water mixed with any of these oils around the home can clear all the negative energy from your home and can improve your mood.


Clear the negative energy from your home



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  1. I grew up with windchimes in my parents house and there’s a calming effect to it. I’m with you on cleaning the clutter and I want to try the salt thing too!

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