When I was offered to review some chocolate I obviously said yes, we are huge sweet lovers in this house and probably consume more chocolate than we should. When Supertreats told me it was a healthy version of chocolate I did wonder whether that would ruin the taste. I was intrigued and also really wanted Lucas to try it as I don’t want him having too much rubbish.

I was sent a box of the normal chocolate and a box of the merry berry chocolate.

Supertreats review silky milky chocolate in blue wrapper and berry merry chocolate in pink wrapper on a wooden chopping board


I think it’s safe to say that we all know ordinary chocolate has high levels of refined sugar (up to 6 teaspoons per 50g bar) and the presence of stimulants (theobromine and caffeine). This causes blood sugar levels to shoot up. A dramatic burst of energy (the amount of times I have cursed for Lucas being high as a kite at bedtime!) is soon followed by an almighty energy crash, leading to temper-tantrums, poor concentration and often restless sleep.

Supertreats carob bars are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients and contain no refined sugar or stimulants. They’re use a blend of carob, whole milk and cocoa butter, gently sweetened with coconut blossom nectar.

They can actually provide sustained, slow-release energy, which helps keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent the little ones from ‘bouncing off the walls’. They are rich in natural vitamins and minerals and contain more calcium per bar than in a 100ml glass of milk.


Supertreats review grainy photo of lucas eating chocolate bar


I apologise for the awful photos, before I knew it D and Lucas had demolished all the bars and this was the last chance to get a photo of Lucas so it’s a grainy selfie.

We all loved the chocolate, I didn’t think we would be keen on the merry berry but that was our favourite. It had a subtle berry flavour, not at all overwhelming. The chocolate really was like normal milk chocolate. I thought there was a slight bitter aftertaste but that hasn’t put me off it. Lucas much preferred these chocolate bars to the usual chocolate that he has actually started leaving and D asked if I could buy some more. I’m really impressed and looking forward to seeing what other flavours they bring out. It is aimed at children but I don’t see why anybody couldn’t have this as part of a healthier lifestyle. So many people choose decaff tea and coffee now so it makes sense to carry that over to what chocolate you are eating.


Supertreats review lucas eating chocolate bar


They are available to buy from Amazon and Ocado. They are currently crowdfunding with various donations being rewarded with different treats, check that out here.

If you would like to win a box to try yourself, enter below x




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  1. Merry Berry please. Thanks for the chance. Although I did almost write “Mary Berry” lol.

  2. Silky Milky sounds delicious. Anything that is good for you but has the word chocolate in it is great!

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