Voucherbox are challenging bloggers to feed their family for £2 per person for the full day. When I initially heard this, I wondered whether it was possible but definitely wanted to give it a try.

For each post published about the £2 Challenge, Voucherbox will donate £50 to Zamcog to help the charity continue their goal of supporting Zambia’s most at-risk children through food and education. It costs £2 to feed, educate and clothe a child in Zambia every day, that is it, a measly £2, about the same as most people pay for a coffee on the way to work, the same that it costs for 2 of the chocolate twist pastries that Lucas has already got a taste for.


feed your family for £2 per person for the full day






Chicken goujons and hummus



Vegetable stir fry





Shopping list:

6 Tesco free range eggs 89p

270g Castle Lea breaded chicken goujons £1.35

200g Tesco houmous £1.10

120g Tesco chow mein stir fry sauce 50p

320g Tesco vegetable and beansprout pack £1

300g Amoy straight to wok medium noodles 89p

Mango 69p


Total £5.98


I would like to nominate Raimy at Readaraptor Hatchling


Prices correct 02/02/2017 at Tesco



16 Comments on Feed your family for £2 per person for the full day

  1. I’m always surprised at how well we can eat for so little a day. Just goes to show that we probably buy way more than we need.

  2. If you’d told me it were possible, I wouldn’t have believed you. But you proved me wrong! Good on you. Certainly food for thought, or less of it as the case may be.

  3. Such a great idea to raise awareness of a really worthy course – well done for managing. £2 really doesn’t sound like much but you’ve shown it can be done!

  4. I was born in Zambia and grew up in UK and though I am not sure how much my parents spent on us I know £1 can go a long way let alone £2. What a lovly challenge

  5. I think everyone taking part in this test is amazing. We spend far too much on shopping. I think once you’ve got your cupboard stocked if you were cooking in bulk this challenge might be easier.

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve managed to get a families daily meals for £2 each a day! I’ve seen lots of these posts going around recently, and every time I do I cringe at how much we spend in comparison! I think I’ll have to look into doing this myself to try and cut down our spending a bit! #DreamandSparkle

  7. What a great cause – hadn’t heard of it before. It’s amazing how little we HAVE to spend to eat well, but like you say, there are so many ‘treats’ out there these days that it’s so easy overspend and overbuy.

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