If you haven’t seen a happy days post before, it is where I focus on the good things that have happened throughout the week instead of getting bogged down by negativity.

  • This week has been my brothers birthday so we met up at my parents house for a family fried chicken and catch up evening. Lucas adores him, I’m not sure why haha as he gives him the least attention than all of us but he shouts his name as soon as he sees him and follows him round.
  • We went with one of my Grandmas to Derby House in Wrightington to look around the shops and have a drink in the cafe
  • We took the other Grandma shopping to Preston and bought Lucas some cute boots from Clarks
  • I’ve ordered Lucas’ cake for his birthday, we are having a photo cake with a picture of Andy (Cbeebies) on it as Lucas loves him.
  • I’ve finished decorating my bedroom , so happy with it!
  • I’ve ordered a charm bead made from my breastmilk for my Pandora bracelet! So excited for that. I am stopping feeding once Lucas turns 2 so I wanted something to celebrate my 2 years of breastfeeding.


Happy days lucas smiling with chocolate all round his mouth and a chocolate twist broken up in front of him




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