The lovely people at Summit to Eat sent* us a selection of their freeze-dried meals for when you are on the go. The selection that arrived included Pasta Bolognaise, Chicken Tikka with Rice, Chicken Fajita with Rice, Salmon and Broccoli Pasta, Scrambled Egg with Cheese and Morning Oats with Raspberry

The packaging is very clear on the contents and has easy to follow instructions on the back for preparation. The language is also translated into five different languages on the products.



Summit to Eat cater for people who enjoy the outdoors and are ideal for expeditions, camping, festivals and many other outdoor pursuits. They are great to transport around as the freeze-drying process removes nearly all the water content making the meals very light, better than carrying heavy cans and bottles. The meals can be eaten out of the pouches they came in, so there is no need for pans or utensils just simply add water and a spoon. The meals have a long shelf life as the freeze drying removes almost all moisture this prevents bacteria forming and causing it to spoil the food. Meals also last in extremes of temperate whereas fresh and canned foods would perish.

To prepare the meals you need to boil some water and add the stipulated amount into the pouch. Once you have done this give it a good stir and seal the pouches and leave for the designated time as the preparation instructions inform you. 



As we were camping we wanted a quick breakfast and prepared two pouches for breakfast, I had the Morning Oats and Raspberry and D had Scrambled Egg with Cheese. Now I must admit I was a little sceptical as freeze-dried food is not something I had tried, or in all fairness thought would be very appetising. I was presently surprised as my Morning Oats were delicious, and the raspberry tasted as though I had added fresh ones to it. D’s scrambled eggs didn’t go down well and neither of us liked the smell, texture or taste of them. 


Summit to Eat review morning oats with raspberry in a blue plastic bowl


After a big day at the festival we headed back to the tent to fuel and I managed to find some plates in the back of the car for our next meal. Now here I was even more surprised I had the Chicken Fajita with rice which was incredibly tasty, D had the Chicken Tikka with Rice we each tried each other’s and agreed at how good they tasted. The next day for lunch D had the Salmon and Broccoli pasta and I had the Pasta Bolognaise again nothing was left, we were equally as impressed. 

If anybody is going camping or to a festival I would definitely recommend these, they taste great and have all the ingredients to keep you going. We will be certainly be trying again on our next adventure.


Summit to Eat review. Freeze dried meals you just add boiled water to #fuelingadventures #camping #travel






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  1. These sound handy for those outdoorsy types that love to camp. I suppose they would probably work at festivals too if you didn’t want to spend time queuing for food as that can take a considerable length of time.

  2. I have to admit that we tend to eat out when we go to festivals but these look like a great option for people wanting to save money

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